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Some Quick Links

Been a bit busy, but here are a couple of links you might find of interest:

- Six Koreans got beat up in front of a nightclub in Singapore by locals apparently angered that the singer—also a Korean, mind you—hugged one of them. If the photos are to be believed one of them was seriously effed up. Can’t find mention of it in the Korean press, either. Which is odd—if the attack had taken place in, say, Australia, I’m sure it would be described as a virtual pogrom. Anyway, I really can’t see what would have set the locals off (HT to Aaron).

- Yep, it’s more blackface on Korean TV. What I found more amusing was the way it was reported by one of the local papers. I’m not going to feign outrage about the skit, but I will say that there’s been enough criticism of blackface (see, for instance, this) that I’m moderately surprised producers continue to OK it.

- Bloomberg ran a piece on Miky Lee, the new de facto CEO of the CJ Group (HT David):

Miky Lee helped fashion South Korea’s movies and music into a multibillion-dollar industry. Lee Mie Kyung, as she’s known in Korea, and Lee Jay Hyun, who turns 54 on March 19, turned a sugar and flour refiner their grandfather had founded in 1953 called Cheil Jedang Corp. into the country’s 14th-biggest conglomerate.

- If you’re bored, there’s lots of photos up at my photoblog. I’m doing a 365 project, so there will be new stuff on there pretty much every day—some of it better than others.

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  • pawikirogii

    ‘Anyway, I really can’t see what would have set the locals off.’ marmot

    ‘There, a local group of men at another table were angered apparently
    after one of the Korean performers gave one of the Korean men a hug.’ article

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    We can only hope those “toughs” will get 300 lashes each.

  • Francesco Santi

    Wow Robert!! Wonderful photos! I’ve always followed your photoblog and you’ve improved a lot! Thank you for sharing with us your hard work :-) .

  • Sumo294

    It takes a lot to get a Singaporean guy to start throwing punches. Something very fishy about the story–something tells me that the Korean guys ain’t so innocent.

  • redwhitedude

    Interesting article on Miky Lee. Great photos on your photo blog. Please keep it up.

  • somms

    Yeah, the story as described makes little sense. A female Korean singer hugs a Korean guy at a Singaporean bar, and the Singaporeans are outraged enough to viciously beat the men up?

  • bdh


    SINGAPORE – Staff of the Bras Basah club shared that the six Korean men who were bashed outside the nightspot last Friday (Jan 31) were causing trouble and behaving rowdily before the incident.

    According to Shin Min Daily News, CCTV footage of the club has shown the men engaging in a 30-minute ruckus inside the club, injuring other clubbers and security staff who tried to stop them.

    Wu Jun Xiong, 39-year-old boss of the club, shared that they had refused to leave the club when it was closing at 3:50a.m., making a din and disturbing other customers.

    Five security staff tried to calm the situation, but three of them ended up badly beaten up. They were punched in the face and kicked in the stomach.

    One clubber was also injured in the brawl.

    Mr Wu said that the men were behaving very peculiar, probably due to intoxication.

  • Dave

    Apparently it was her first media interview in years. And very in-depth. Great job by Yoolim Lee at Bloomberg.

  • Horace Jeffery Hodges

    “Five security staff tried to calm the situation, but three of them ended up badly beaten up. They were punched in the face and kicked in the stomach.”

    That sounds odd to me. Five security staff couldn’t handle six drunk Koreans? Does the club have this on video?

    From the photos provided, the beaten-up ones would appear to be the Koreans.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • Sumo294

    You have to understand Singapore–these bouncers have likely never thrown a punch in their lives–their job is at most is to restrain angry drunk Singaporeans–who even drunk are not physically violent. The Singaporean judges do not play around–each of these Koreans guys are going to get fined and then caned and then caned again for failing to pay the fines.

  • RElgin

    … and does not touch the reality of CJs heavy-handed impact on the markets they enter, which is not always very flattering.

  • redwhitedude

    All chaebols do that. They practically force themselves on whatever market they target. However this will go down as one of the most successful diversification effort executed by Chaebol post 1987.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    You should get caned

  • RElgin

    This is likely a case of misreporting since it is obvious to most that the sight of guys getting hugged doesn’t make normal people go berserk. The true reason for this mayhem is yet to be told.

  • Sous Phos

    But they’re not “normal people,” they’re foreigners. Mystery solved.

  • pawikirogii

    now the japanese are saying the US made up japanese war crimes:


    thanks, shinzo.

  • bballi bballi paradise

    Gangster thinks the singer is his gf and belongs to him. Gf hugs stranger. Gangster believes he was slighted. Alcohol. FIGHT
    Is that really far fetched?

  • bballi bballi paradise

    Something tells me you have been caned

  • redwhitedude

    Wow! Talk about being stupid. Americans generally are indifferent towards Korea-Japan disputes over history and territory/sea. Are these japanese so dum as to irritate and annoy the US to the point that they will drive US public opinion to Korea’s side?

  • DC Musicfreak

    On history, the US embassy in Tokyo has struck back, repeatedly. On territory, the status quo is accepted and the US wants both sides to cool it. The “East Sea” argument is seen as juvenile and illogical; the US won’t go there.

  • redwhitedude

    Public opinion in the US is bound to disregard this dispute. It isn’t even in their radar screen. Unfortunately the Korean side insists of that change with the East Sea. The Japanese are dumb in getting provoked by this. Then threaten a third party which doesn’t give a dam over that silly issue. Really stupid. It’s really not a big issue.

  • dlbarch

    I once attended a conference where the political speaker — a Korean pol that everyone on MH would recognize — went off-script at the end of his rap on North-South relations to drone on and on about Dok-do and the “East Sea.”

    Afterwards, when a handful of us were invited to join his blowhardship for a post-talk round of drinks, I took the opportunity to “lean in” and remind him that no one — repeat, No One — in that room thought for a moment that Dok-do would ever revert to Japan, or that the Sea of Japan would ever be re-named the East Sea.

    Hand to god, the man smiled, leaned back, and said, “Maybe not, but when you’re a divisive figure like me, it’s best to end every speech on the high note of the two issues every Korean can get behind.”

    Cynical? Totally. Understandable? Absofuckinglutely!


  • DC Musicfreak

    I think you’re mixing up disputes here. The territorial dispute that focuses US minds (people who matter in policy, not the wider public) is the Senkaku spat, with all the Japan-China war implications. The history dispute, brought again into focus by this NHK asshole, involves multiple parties, but chiefly China and Korea. This adds to the bad blood over team Abe’s Comfort Women missteps. Dokdo/Takeshima is a sideshow, although it frustrates alliance management — especially since Lee Myungbak senselessly visited the islands a few years back. The “East Sea” issue merely causes eyes to roll — at Koreans.

  • redwhitedude

    I was focusing on the Korea-Japan dispute. Not the china-japan dispute. That’s different what doesn’t help china is its lack of credibility so their “we were victimized” approach isn’t going to fly too well. And of course the Senkaku dispute will take precedent over the Korea-Japan dispute partly because the US is fixated on China.The Korea-japan dispute frustrates the US because Korea and Japan will not stand together and line up against China with the US.

    Basically Abe has appointed the head of Bank of Japan to do his bidding now he has the head of NHK who will also be loyal to him. I’m wondering if he is turning Japan slowly into his banana republic since he also passed a measure on state secrecy.

  • redwhitedude

    He really is playing election year politics.

  • RElgin

    나쁜 외국인 ㅎ ㅎ

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Maybe only with your mom, for fun. Ask her.