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And classy headline of the day goes to…

MoneyToday, which penned a piece on the tragic death of a young Korean woman in Brisbane under the headline:

“Death of 20-something Woman on Working Holiday. Is It Now ‘Killing Holiday?’”

Well, at least it was better than the New York Post’s front page.

The woman in question, BTW, was accidentally hit by a train.

Interestingly, enough, the Foreign Ministry says there are 34,000 Koreans on working holiday in Australia. Some 5,800 Koreans are in Japan on work holiday visas, and 4,000 in Canada.

MoneyToday warns, however, that unlike Korea, Australia doesn’t have much in the way of nightlife, so when it turns dark, shops close and the streets are deserted, thus crime-prone. In 2012, 99 of 108 crimes committed against Koreans on work holiday took place in Australia. In 2011, 117 out of 121 took place in Australia, as did 99 out of 110 in 2010.

Anyway, I hope Brendan Berne has stocked up on antacid.

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  • Bob Bobbs

    This ‘cultural genocide’ must stop. Australians and Koreans have long been geo-political competitors for scarce resources, like acorn jelly and fermented crabs, and fierce cricket rivals. The plucky Koreans have hung on, emboldened by pansori and little vacuum-sealed packets of cocktail wieners. Yet the jackboot of the Australian killing machine remains planted firmly on the necks of the hwangin. Tremble in fear, Koreans, for the Australians will stop at nothing until you are vanquished and humiliated like their native population. (Or until one of you falls in front of a train- whichever comes first.)

  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    It just doesn’t bode well if this is the theme of the most famous Hallyu drama of its day, putting So Jisub firmly in the hearts of many Japanese housewives.

    Although I never watched it it’s probably a Koreans on working holiday in Autralia version of the Leonardo Di Caprio Clare Danes gang version of Romeo and Juliet, if you know what I mean.