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Random Links: the Rhodesian Edition

- Apparently Tony “Texas Daddy” Marano—my favorite Texan Italian—is again up to no good, posting a petition at the White House website calling for the removal of the “offensive state in Glendale, CA public park.” To be fair to Tony, it’s just bad form to put offensive states in public parks. Just the other day somebody put UDI-era Rhodesia in our neighborhood park, and it was quite the eyesore.

- I believe Rhodesia and the United States were the only two countries to unilaterally declare their independence from Great Britain.

- More headaches for the United States with visits this month by high-ranking Korean and Japanese officials. I just hope Washington makes it clear that while it’s willing to work with Abe on expanding Japan’s security role, he needs to stop some of the history-related BS, which is helping precisely nobody.

- I need to get me a hat like that. While we’re on the subject of photography, though, renowned British landscape photographer Michael Kenna will be taking the stand this month to testify in his lawsuit against Korean Air for this ad:

Samsung ran into problems with this photo, too, when they purchased a similar photo from Getty rather than pay KRW 50 million in royalties for Kenna’s photo.

To be honest, I don’t know what to think about this. Yes, Kenna helped make that shot iconic—although not iconic enough to stop the construction of an LNG storage facility behind the island—but how far does “derivative” go? Does anyone who sells a photo taken at that spot have to cut Kenna a check? In fact, I actually like the “derivative” work better—I get wood from long-exposure B&W photography just like any other guy, but I really liked the color and sky in the Korean Air shot.

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  • Bob Bobbs

    Deep pockets.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Kenna’s photo is very nice, but he does not own the rights to photos taken at this place and of these trees. As I see it, what makes Kenna unique is his STYLE, and for me the style is not replicated here one bit. The frame perhaps is a near carbon copy but the essence of the photo is not the same. No one reasonably looking at these two shots should confuse the two photos and hence the two photographers.

  • seouldout

    After seeing how pine island really looks with an LNG storage facility behind it seems to me KAL ought to be hit with deceptive advertising charges too.

  • seouldout

    The petition passed 100,000.

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    I don’t see the merit in Kenna’s case. You can’t claim rights on a particular angle + focal length of a very photogenic scene in public. It doesn’t matter how famous Kenna’s photo might be. If someone else had shot the same frame prior to Kenna, does that mean that Kenna owes money to that photographer? I was out shooting Paldalmun in Suwon last weekend, so who should I send a check to?

    I also like the “derivative” work better. Not only is the color beautiful, but the clouds are more interesting than in Kenna’s photo.

    There’s no doubt that Korean companies like to skirt around copyright laws, but in this case they seem to be on the safe side. Maybe Kenna should have been a painter instead.

    What’s REALLY interesting is that the Korean photographer who shot the “derivative” photo didn’t get paid either!!

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    Regarding the Glendale statue, the debate seems to be drawing attention to the history of the comfort women. Removing the statue would cause such a public outcry that the media attention alone could do a lot to spread knowledge of the comfort women.

  • http://www.rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler
  • MikeinGyeonggi

    Very nice! Do you remember what roof you were on? Suwon is worth a visit for any photograher in the Seoul / Gyeonggi area.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    HAHAH photographic cock measuring contest.

    Anyway, the nature of photography is that it is harder to claim copyright on it than with something like painting and much harder to make something uncopiable. I do prefer Kenna’s work by far to the postcardish “derivative” but legally I doubt Kenna has much of a case.

  • aaagban

    I agree. Removing the statue at this point (which won’t happen) will definitely cause a lot more media attention and I’m sure the Japanese won’t want that to happen. But you have to understand, this old hag in Texas is a complete nightmare. I’m not sure what his motive is and what he’s ultimately trying to do with his whole PropagandaBuster channel.

  • http://www.rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Yeah, there’s a cafe on the second and third floors and the roof is open.

  • SeoulGoodman

    ” not iconic enough to stop the construction of an LNG storage facility behind the island”

    The fact that has happened IS representative of Korea. Yup, and all the pollution in the air is from China.

  • wangkon936

    “he needs to stop some of the history-related BS, which is helping precisely nobodyhis electorate.

    There, fixed for you!

  • wangkon936

    Yeah, a lot of non-citizen Japanese names on that petition, but who’s counting?

  • seouldout

    You see names there? i see initials only. And for who’s counting… the White House is.

  • bumfromkorea

    5 buck says there’s a “G.B” from Amarillo, TX in that list. :D

  • ChuckRamone

    I think it gives his life some purpose. Plus, he’s real popular with Japanese right wingers now. It looks like he gets treated like royalty when he visits Japan. I imagine he also just hates Chinese and Korean people – he oozes that kinda sentiment.

  • redwhitedude

    Wasted signatures. I doubt the statue will get removed.

  • redwhitedude

    Provoke china, annoy US, outrage Korea. Talk about raising hell in the neighborhood.

  • Zonath

    Yeah, petition the President to remove a statue that’s completely out of his jurisdiction. All the petitioners have accomplished is proving that there are some Americans out there who could probably use a refresher civics course.

  • redwhitedude

    Before you know it neo nazis will be petitioning to get holocaust memorials removed to take a page out of these clowns.

  • http://f5waeg.blogspot.com/ F5Waeg

    I met a guy from Rhodesia years ago. . . complete racist asshole married to a Korean. Couldn’t string together three sentences without using the word kaffir

  • kaizenmx

    Ringer winger ignorant texan siding with a former enemy of his generation.

    LMFAO. That’s just priceless right there.

  • fea56265252

    die painfully fucktard.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Regardless of the signatures and the validity (or lack thereof) of the complaint in the petition, the White House doesn’t have the power to remove the statue.

    The statement will likely say that this is a local issue. Any statement that does not recognize state and local authority will go against the 10th Amendment and, if it were a bigger issue that affected more people, renew the debate of states’ vs federal rights.

  • redwhitedude

    States vs Federal rights? Sounds like an issue that the US had civil war over. Anyways it is pointless petition and wasted effort on their part.

  • dlbarch

    I think there’s an obscure Constitutional provision that the executive branch has the power to render authority in those cases were the offending memorial is so 불쌍 as to warrant extraordinary action…

    …which would clearly apply in these cases!


  • Anonymous_Joe

    That’s interesting and something that I didn’t know. The provision must have been interpreted by some court decision because it’s not in my literal, limited, and unimaginative reading of the Constitution. I am interested enough to do further reading if you could provide some direction.

    “…which would clearly apply in these cases!”

    So, are you for or against the removal of the statue/memorial?

  • dlbarch

    I jest…I’m a firm, almost libertarian (gasp!) defender of the Bill of Rights.

    That said, I’d make two arguments against these memorials.

    First, I’m generally against the “Americanization” of foreign, ethnic grievances…and this applies across the board, not just to Korea. My feeling can be summed up as: “Welcome to America, but leave your pathologies behind.”

    Second, I am most definitely against the aesthetic affront that these memorials present. They are, quite simply, sad, pathetic, unappealing, and ghastly.

    Other than that….


  • eujin

    If you’re going to include Rhodesia’s UDI, which even South Africa didn’t really recognize and ultimately wasn’t successful, then you ought to also include the Easter proclamation in Ireland and the 1919 Declaration. Various Indians, Malaysians, South Africans and Kenyans might want to add their names to the list too. And what about Sealand for that matter?

  • Tom Coyner

    “- I believe Rhodesia and the United States were the only two countries to unilaterally declare their independence from Great Britain.”

    How about Ireland?

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  • Ret

    It’s amazing that Tony Marano, the self appointed Propaganda “Buster”, is still at it, after several years, and has churned out over 1,000!!! videos against the axis of evil – South Korea, China, and the Sea Shepherds. Absolutely bizarre individual, and I think Marano is enjoying his internet “celebrity” and “gifts” too much to stop now. No purpose in life except to be a non-Japanese Japanese nationalist.

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