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More troubling news from down under

What up with Brisbane? The city just got over the Eunji Ban tragedy.

This from iamkorean.com:

Police in Australia charged a Korean citizen with the murder of Min-tae Kim, who was found in a shallow grave on Thursday, after he disappeared three days earlier on a money-changing errand.

The body of the 28-year-old Kim was recovered after blood was found around a shallow grave site in a residential area near Brisbane, Australia.


(H/T James Turnbull)


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  • kaizenmx

    these aussies really hate asians, huh?

  • guest

    It was a Korean killing a Korean.

    Reading isn’t your strong point is it.

  • http://www.busanhaps.com/ Bobby McGill

    You might want to re-read the post.

  • KOBE

    The dirty Aussies taught him how to kill

  • ryuNchoosk

    I’ve been in S. Korea for a short time working and I’ve saved about 15 million Won. If someone can give me a good exchange rate for U.S. dollars I’d really appreciate it, name the place and time for us to meet and I’ll count on you to help me or maybe you know someone else who can? I’m in Seoul but will travel.

  • redwhitedude

    Sounds like the victim wasn’t thinking twice about dealing with individuals who offered him a better exchange rate for large amount of cash that he had. I’d be very wary of dealing with people over large amounts of cash especially if it isn’t certain whether the victim knew the perpetrator.

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    Very sad story. And he was apparently killed for $13,000 in cash? That’s absolutely terrible.

    Maybe it’s speculative, but I think many Koreans who go abroad just don’t fully comprehend crime and risky behavior in other countries. Maybe he assumed it was safe because the stranger was another Korean.

  • seouldout

    A deadly assumption. That Korean didn’t know Koreans too well. Koreans visiting abroad are often overly fearful and exaggerate the risks posed to them by the locals, a fear that is exploited to their detriment by some of their overseas-based co-ethnics.

  • ryuNchoosk

    But who taught him about eating and running? The killer Hwang stopped him from doing that. Where is the money now and will it be difficult for Kim, Min Tae’s family to get the money out of Australia? And, how do thousands of Australians benefit from those who eat and run from Australia?
    “2 killings leave stain on Aussie working holiday

    Brisbane emerges as ‘danger zone’”http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2013/12/116_148348.html
    “Tens of thousands of Koreans and Australians have benefited from it(working visa).”

  • JohnsonGallye

    LOLOL! — some creepy korean guy murders someone in cold blood and — like clockwork — it’s not HIS fault — it’s those “dirty aussies” who taught that pure, innocent, perfect Korean nazi to do it… it’s someone else’s fault. LOL! Typical creepy koreans. :/

  • seouldout

    I read Kobe’s comment as tongue-in-cheek, but given the Korean propensity to blame others your response isn’t surprising.

  • http://f5waeg.blogspot.com/ F5Waeg

    If that is how he posted it on gumtree, he deserves to get jacked. . . not killed mind, that’s beyond the pale. I wonder if the killer thought he wouldn’t get caught and the blame would go on the locals

  • seouldout

    Holy Moly! That iamkoream website is a police blotter chock full of Korean and Koream misdeeds. Read those and the pot smokin’ ET poon hound doesn’t look so bad. Puts things in perspective.

    Korean American Landlord Charged with Double Murder of Tenants

    KA Woman Charged with 2008 Murder

    Virginia Woman Charged With Murder of Pastor Husband

    Suspect in Deadly Nightclub Brawl Charged With Murder

  • ryuNchoosk

    Yeah, or the local Japanese-Aussie exchange rate vendor etc…just be patient, give em more time to come up with something.

  • SeoulGoodman

    There’s always someone in Korean communities abroad that preys on gullible newcomers since few will get the police involved. A nice lady we met last summer in my hometown warned us about a particular elderly couple who had scammed quite a few of the local Korean families…Not that my wife is the kind to trust anyone just because they are Korean (True story: When we took scuba diving lessons in Saipan, the dive master (a local) showed us how to spit on the inside of the goggles to prevent fogging while underwater. My wife started rinsing the goggles immediately. The dive master joked, “Why? All our customers are your countrymen”, to which my wife replied, “Why do you think I’m rinsing it?”)

  • SeoulGoodman

    Yes, totally. That’s why the Korean lady we met last summer in my hometown kept asking my wife all kinds of questions. She needed things clarified. You wouldn’t believe the BS she had been fed by other Koreans.

  • Wedge1

    Uh, I think you need to recalibrate your sarc-o-meter.

  • JohnsonGallye

    It’s called HONESTY in journalism. Something quite rare among Koreans about themselves?? :/