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Business As Usual – Let’s Eat Chinese!

fortune_cookieThe senior members of the ruling and opposition parties met over lunch at a Chinese restaurant the other day.  Their goal was to help end the impasse between the two parties in the National Assembly.

While this seems useful, this idea to meet was reportedly put forward by Suh Chung-won and Chung Moon-joon, which is ironic if you consider Suh is an ex-felony, who was an advisor of the Saenuri Party and the current president, and was convicted of selling legislative election nominations. Suh was released in 2009, on parole, and received a special pardon last January.  As another bit of ironic and poignant hindsight, a JoongAng Ilbo article, that mentions Suh’s parole, from last June, on how the rich and politically connected find ways to stay out of jail, quotes former Prosecutor General Chae Dong-wook (a current victim of an apparent Blue House sponsored smear campaign) “who ordered prosecutors to do their best to improve the integrity of the parole system”:

“Although prosecutors succeed in laying bare the truth and winning stern punishment from courts, their efforts will be in vain if the integrity of the execution of the sentences is tainted,”

Chae sought to make the justice system function better, however, in this case, instead of an open political system that works as intended, the two main parties have resorted, once again, to private meetings with political deal makers, of which one is an ex-felon, because their “perspective” is needed to make the system work as intended!?  Well, integrity & trust is something that is an off-menu item, especially in a Chinese restaurant (a lot more irony there).

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