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A Gift for the Season – Soap & Cosmetics from A Korean Maker

Though it is late in the season for Christmas shopping, if you are ever looking for that something special that is Korean and really good, you could try looking for something hand-made from local makers in Etsy.com and, yes, they have local makers who can deliver quickly.

Kim Hwasoon's workbench & lunch.

Kim Hwasoon’s workbench & lunch.

One of my favorite Korean etsy shops is Morning Calm, (or here) run by Kim Hwasoon, originally from Taegu, now living in Florida.  Kim uses natural ingredients in her soaps and cosmetics such as 紫草 Jacho or, for soap, clay (맥반석), bamboo charcoal or pine leaf powder.  Kim’s originally started making cosmetics because she “struggled for a long time to find the right skin care products for myself and for my mom because we both have very sensitive combination skin, and are allergic to many synthetic ingredients.”

Soap made from Korean pine leaf.

Soap made from Korean pine leaf.

Other than her soaps, I like using her lip balm for my fingertips in winter since I have such dry skin. Her soaps are also cheaper and better made than certain smelly soap shops in Gangnam.  Kim can also do custom orders, so take a look if you want something nice for you or a friend from a member of the “cleanest race“.  If not hand-made soap, you can try one of the other many Korean maker shops on Etsy.

About the author: Psst, want to buy some used marble cheap?

  • gbnhj

    Here’s another, purportedly Korea-inspired gift available on Etsy.com. Unlike the soaps Elgin mentioned, however, this item might actually make you feel a little dirty. Then again, perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.

  • RElgin

    I have found quite a few fashionable clothes from China that are described as “Korean” which really aren’t.
    I’ll stick with the real Korean stuff.

  • seouldout

    In your shiny suit don’t forget these fabulicious socks.

  • Hwasoon Kim

    oh, wow…
    Thanks a lot for sharing my story.
    I’m honored. ;-)

  • RElgin

    Wow, good catch. ^_^

  • RElgin

    Sure, no problem.
    I should have mentioned this sooner though.