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Bukchon in Winter

Lots of photos of Bukchon Hanok Village at Ye Olde Photoblog.


This also gives me a chance to play with WordPress’s new theme.

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  • RElgin

    Unless one of your add-ons ruins this theme, I really like this much more than any of the others. It looks and runs great.

  • http://www.rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    It does look nice, right? It works best with feature images, which means I might have to post some how-tos once I figure it all out.

  • http://www.busanhaps.com/ Bobby McGill

    Very nice. We’ve got a winner.

  • http://f5waeg.blogspot.com/ F5Waeg

    I find the font for the post titles too blocky and oddly spaced

  • RElgin

    This makes editorial-style photos much easier to place. I already uploaded some royalty-free editorial style shots that can be used elsewhere.