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Food for thought: Just replace the product and apologize for any inconvenience

On Dec. 2 Canadian Richard Wygand posted a YouTube video alleging that his Galaxy S4 was dangerously defective.  In the video Wygand says, “I just plugged it in to charge it. Went to sleep, woke up to smoke and a little bit of burning.”

Samsung didn’t take too kindly to the allegations and demanded Wygand pull the video down. They should’ve figured he would post another video about the company’s demands.

(Wygand) said that in order to receive a “similar model” replacement phone, Samsung allegedly asked that he first sign a legal document that would require him to remove his videos from YouTube, remain silent about the agreement and surrender any possible future claims against the company.

Both videos have gone viral and well, there has to be some head scratching going on somewhere. You can read the rest here and see both videos.

(H/T to Joe McP)

photo credit: Fr3d.org via photopin cc

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  • seouldout

    Shamsung doesn’t spin well. It’s a mobile and an innovative room heater to warm those frigid Canucki winter’s nights.


    I think Apple did something similar in the UK.. though it wasn’t with a youtube video.. a person had been burned by their phone and Apple basically sent a letter saying we’ll pay you compensation but you can’t tell anyone about it. Samsung is known for its bad CS (LG as well) which is funny given how customer focused they are here in Korea.

  • RElgin

    Batteries always seem to be the problem though.
    I would not consider this to be a problem that is unique to Samsung products.


    You’re right I think every smartphone maker has had incidences with batteries at one time or another. Usually the company investigates quietly and then cuts a check if the customer’s phone indeed did explode (instead of being put in a microwave for instance) it. In this instance, Samsung ended up with egg on its face for it’s customer service or lack thereof.

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    Electronics malfunction sometimes – everyone knows that. But requesting a silencing agreement that waived all liability against Samsung (who IS probably liable) before replacing the phone is seriously creepy business.

    Now Nokia has offered the guy a free phone just to show their customer service http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/galaxy-s4-catching-fire/

  • Juniper

    Excellent job Samsung. Over the years you’ve really come to understand how well high-handed legal power plays work against Westerners and you used this knowledge to effectively get your way yet again. Keep up the good work.

  • Juniper

    I just watched the second video and the guy says “Samsung go fuck yourself”. Totally uncalled for, nasty awful foreigner guy. Anyway, question for the legal experts. I know that in the West they have free speech so Samsung can’t sue him.

    But how about if they sue him in Korea where there’s no free speech? Like the guy who got sued by Samsung for his “mocking tone”.
    Can Samsung sue this guy for insult or something if he comes to Korea?

    Better yet can’t we get the Korean government is just issue a travel ban right away? Shouldn’t the Korea Times run an article about banning the guy and if he just tries to come then Samsung’s gonna sue the pants off him or imprison him or something?

  • aligner

    But this is a PR problem (not disaster yet) for Samsung, so obviously Samsung has not learned when and how to use their lawyers.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    The Los Angeles Times found a great expert for that report. Not just brilliant and quotable, but handsome, too.

  • aligner

    Perhaps you can ask Koreans living in the area to hold a candle-light vigil around his house, or simply put a hit on the guy and rub him out.

  • WMunny

    You have a link? Or is it just an “I think…” story?

  • Juniper

    Just handsome if good enough for me. So how about it? Does Korea have valid grounds to just execute this wastrel should he so much as encroach a little toe on the territory?

  • Froggzzz

    Early Sunday morning I went to bed, and fell asleep with my galaxy s4, lying on my upper chest, I woke up with a very hot phone and it burned my skin. The larger blisters and one or two little ones. I connected Samsung they are sending me a loaner while they investigate.