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The Revenge of Chae Dong-Wook – A Blue House Aid Busted!

bustedApparently, the trail of the person involved in discrediting General Prosecutor Chae Dong-Wook has been followed to a Blue House Staff member, who – naturally – acted without the knowledge or instructions of his superiors in the Blue House:

“Cho, who was on the Blue House general affairs team, sent a text message via mobile phone to Cho Lee-je at the Seocho District Office asking him to verify the information on June 11,” said Lee Jung-hyun, the senior presidential secretary for public affairs, at a press briefing yesterday. . . Cho, had “received the personal information of the woman and her son,”. . . The Blue House official added it was a government worker at the Ministry of Security and Public Administration who asked Cho at the Blue House to open up the woman’s family history. Cho, the Blue House staffer, also knew the other Cho at the Seocho District Office, who was previously a close aide to Won Sei-hoon, the former chief of the National Intelligence Service. . . “No one [in the upper chain of command] at the Blue House was confirmed to have asked Cho [to ask for the illegal access],” said Lee. “It was Cho’s unilateral action.”

It is still uncertain but I am sure that Blue House officials are searching to determine just how many “Cho”s were involved in this conspiracy to derail the NIS electioneering investigation.

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  • RElgin

    I must also say I really appreciate the way the JoongAng Ilbo has covered this issue. They have made a fine job of it.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    “No one [in the upper chain of command] at the Blue House was confirmed to have asked Cho [to ask for the illegal access],” said Lee. “It was Cho’s unilateral action.”

    What a relief! With that, we can all get back to business as usual.

    Nothin’ to see here, people, move along.

  • m0l0k0

    IT was the same during Yushin era, people were over zealous and supported Park Chung Hee blindly, probably acted even without his authority in the level of violence. It’s just like the yakuza, foot soldiers take the bullet even when they are not asked to but out of proving loyalty

  • JACK

    No need for the apostrophe in Chos


    what hasn’t been answered yet is how Blue House Cho knew Seocho Gu Cho? I’m assuming that the Seocho Gu Cho will be fired for accessing those private documents and sharing them?

  • RElgin

    That’s why the Blue House officials are looking for any other Cho’s since this *must* be a Cho conspiracy of sorts. Otherwise, this would mean that there was collusion between Blue House staff (Saenuri Dang members), indicted former NIS Director Won, and probably even the former president himself. It would be more like asking “who *was* not involved in electioneering, libel, obstruction of justice, etc.

  • JACK

    Oops, ma bad. It’s a quote mark not a apostrophe. Carry on.

  • Wedge1

    Can we call this guy an “aide?”


    Do you think the Blue House is going to go all the way? Or just provide scapegoats ?

  • RElgin


  • RElgin

    . . . who was he aiding?


    My sentiments exactly …

  • sAm

    Eight times “Cho” is used in the quoted paragraph and two time for “Seocho”. After i read the paragraph, i grasped nothing except my brain was echoing with one sound “Cho” and i am sure few of the brain cells are dead coz’ of that.