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Make Change Or Be Changed – A Shift in The DPRK Hierarchy

oldhead01 Jang Song Taek – the uncle who became the second most powerful man in North Korea and lead the transition from KJI to his son, has been stripped of his position and is now out.  This follows the executions of his two deputies at the administrative department of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea on charges of “corruption and anti-party activities” last month.  Jang was originally one of three top leaders in the DPRK to oversee the transition of power to Kim Jong Un.

The toppling of Jang is expected to lead to more changes in the DPRK hierarchy, if not more mysterious auto accidents or executions.  More on Jang’s history is here.

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  • m0l0k0

    why bite the hand that feeds you? stupid move kim jong un

  • http://atlantarofters.blogspot.com The Sanity Inspector

    Hope the South gets a few high-level defectors out of the upheaval.

  • wangkon936

    I see a 100 episode KBS teledrama on this when the dust settles.

  • felddog13

    Exactly my thoughts, Sanity. Also: this is undoubtedly about control of the burgeoning black market in NK. Taek and his cronies were probably keeping a little too much yuan/dollars/euros for themselves without kicking enough upstairs. The NY Times ran an op-ed last year comparing the regime to the Corleones. And really, it’s a very useful framework for understanding how shit runs up there.

  • Siggy

    I think it’s BS. It’s a scheme to make us forget that Kim Jung Eun is little more than a figurehead, a fool crowned as the carnival’s king.

  • m0l0k0

    I just read that article and it’s one of the best I’ve ever read on North Korea. It seems that North Korea is out of options, fucked up faking nuclear tests so they can’t sell it off to other countries, fucked up in outsourcing drug distribution and losing margin, fucked up as a country, fucked up as human beings.

    Their only option is now a) bend over and become China’s province b) reform

    With sacking of his uncle, he seems bent on avoiding a), for one, it’s the ultimate humiliation. So reform, but honestly that window of opportunity has long gone. Kim Jong Il was a lazy little bitch and while he should’ve been using the time building core infrastructure and laying foundation for his successor but was spent on producing mostly shit that no one gives a shit about but himself.

    I truly believe we will see China entering North Korea and pulling another ‘ADIZ’, we will end up with half of North Korea! China keeps the half, South Korea and United States the other half. It will take a long ass time before China is done sucking the blood dry from North Korea until it is handed over. Actually, I don’t ever see North Korea being fully under South Korean control. Americans would be okay with a huge buffer zone and would force South Korea to accept a 75% unification which South Korean politicians will quickly accept as they will naively believe someday it will come to them.

    North Korea trying not to be a Chinese province but will eventually become a buffer zone and will belong to both China and South Korea.

  • felddog13

    Right, but Jang Song-Taek was supposedly one of the puppet masters, which makes this news very interesting.

  • Sanshinseon

    On December 17, second anniversary of the death of the boy-king’s father, let’s
    see who shows up to stand beside him in the public ceremony.