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The Blue House! – Step by Step, Inch by Inch . . .

Like an old American Vaudeville gag routine – with each step and turn, each tick of the tock from the clock on the wall, someone is going to get burned and it looks like it may be someone from the Blue House that was found to be behind the Chosun Ilbo’s libelous attack on former General Prosecutor Chae in an illegal bid to stop the investigation into the NIS electioneering.

Seeing how Saenuri Dang is looking more and more like they are going to be found behind this case, maybe Chae can give them tips on how to deal with bad publicity.



More on the duplicity of a “Blue House Staff member”:

Seocho District official Cho Lee-je claimed that he exchanged six text messages with a Blue House staffer, in which the presidential office worker requested that he illegally access the personal information of a 54-year-old woman and her 11-year-old son – the alleged paramour and illegitimate son of former Prosecutor-General Chae Dong-wook.  . . (Cho’s) remarks are a direct contradiction to the presidential office’s initial claim that no one on its staff ever made such a request.

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    I”m still waiting for the shocking news… everything that’s been revealed hasn’t been a big surprise.. though using the guy at the Seocho Gu office was a brilliant ploy until the idiot from the Blue House (Saenuri Dang) who asked the idiot at the Gu Ofifce to look up the names sent a text message with the information which can be easily traced. Not exactly bright are they?

  • RElgin

    Chae Dong-wook seems to have left a very capable organization behind him when he left. I really would not want these guys on my tail, rather the NIS on my tail would be an amusement of sorts.