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Relations Between the PRC and South Korea – Not Good For Korean Security?

An interesting article made by The Diplomat points to a major reason why there will be a contentious future in store for South Korea when dealing with China:

. . . a Xinhua piece announcing the fact that South Korea and China would discuss the ADIZ at the dialogue beginning tomorrow included the same sort of assertive language used in the general ADIZ announcement: “Any airplane that fails to follow such rules will face emergency defense measures taken by the Chinese military.” This implies that China is not ready to make any exceptions for South Korea.

The article makes the point that:

. . . What should give South Korea pause over the ADIZ is the possible imposition of such zones in the future by China, something Chinese Ministry of Defense spokesman Yang Yujun claimed was in the pipes: “China will establish other Air Defense Identification Zones at the right moment after necessary preparations are completed.” A future ADIZ off the Bohai Sea and into the Yellow Sea would have serious implications for South Korean security.

Oddly enough, that Korean naval base on Chejudo and that new flock of F-35s are looking better every day.

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  • SalarymaninSeoul

    “Any airplane[except for American bombers and fighters] that fails to follow such rules will face emergency defense measures taken by the Chinese military.”

    There, I fixed it. The thought of Chinese jets trying to force a B2, B52 or an F22 to land brings me to laughter. I doubt they have the balls to try it with Japanese, either. Korea might just be soft enough, though.

  • RElgin

    The Feces Eaters – A Modern History of China
    by Albert Camus
    . . . sounds like one of his books.

  • wangkon936

    I don’t like “The Diplomat.” It’s like “The Bleacher Report” for people who have undergrad degrees in political science or international relations.

  • RElgin

    There are other news sources for things Korean that I will not touch because they are astroturf pieces, designed to target certain interests. This account is at least empirical in its conclusions, so it has some merit. The commentors on that site, however, are the worst.

  • Hitokiri 1989

    Well the commentors are the usual trash you find on any website touching political events in East Asia i.e Fenqings, Japanese right-wing nationalists/deniers, America F*ck Yeah peeps and the F*ck America crowd.

  • RElgin

    I had to start laughing when the rednecks ganged up on a self-described former mortgage broker. You might think that if a hunting season were declared for mortgage brokers and bankers, more people would not go hungry.

  • Sverre Hassel

    It’s lame. It’s just liberal and globalist boilerplate. There’s no point even reading the articles there since you know what they’re going to say anyway.

  • Sverre Hassel

    It’s no more impartial than any other source.

  • RElgin

    Events would seem to disagree with your opinion.

  • Sverre Hassel

    “Events” have nothing to due with the fact that the entire site is pretty much just liberal and globalist boilerplate. It’s the interpretation of events and the values that it espouses that makes the site a garden variety liberal and globalist outlet.