Hyori wedding photos – no, she did not get hitched to 순심, her dog, but to 상순, her bf

Here is the link to some wedding photos (including the actual husband) of 이효리 Hyori, Marmot’s Hole’s favourite (Can I say that? well, *I* like her). She got married in a very private, low-key ceremony at her own holiday manor in Jejudo on 1st of September – she kept her word – it was unlike the usual celebrity affairs (you know, grand hotels, all the celebrity guests vying to be the best dresser etc.)
She married 이상순 Lee Sangsun, a musician/DJ/composer/guitarist whom she met, working for animal rights and whom she got close to in 2011 in a talent-donation campaign (joint-composing songs) for abandoned pets.

A lot of Koreans (Hyori says, including her mother) have mentioned how “ugly” he is likening the couple to “beauty and the beast” etc. but I like how the guy looks. He looks individual and unlike some Korean *Hallyu* actors, looks like he is actually a man with an interesting personality and more than two brain cells.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Lee – she looks absolutely beautiful – I see she was wearing a flower tiara (though my flower tiara was prettier)

P.S. Interesting, I did not know that Lee Sangsun was part of the Verandah Project which is actually a duo with 김동률 Kim Dongryul (part of another duo 전람회 Exhibition)- a big favourite of mine when I was growing up. Here is Kim Dongryul’s solo song 염원. for those who want to have a listen. All his other songs also sound of a very Korean sentiment.