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Open Thread: Aug 31, 2013

Enjoy the last day of August.

And the first day of Septemeber, for that matter.

UPDATE: There was an accident involving two KTW trains and a Mugunghwa train at Daegu Station. Nobody seems to have been seriously hurt—one guy was brought to the hospital after complaining of pain—but it is has caused some headaches for KORAIL with service between Gimcheon/Gumi Station and Daegu Station suspended.


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  • dlbarch

    Happy Labor Day weekend, comrades.


  • RElgin


  • felddog13

    In Busan, all trains to Seoul were cancelled. No doubt that threw a lot of travel plans into chaos–including mine. Thankfully only one minor injury. It’ll be interesting to see where the blame is here. There have been rumors that the foreign engineers on the KTX have complained about Korea cutting corners here and there, compromising safety. So far to my knowledge, there have been only two low-speed accidents, near the stations (including today’s). I feel pretty safe on the KTX, and I give big ups to KORAIL compared to the complete and utter embarrassment that is AMTRAK. But still, somebody sho’ screwed up today.

  • imememememe

    Everything that’s wrong with California in a single article:


    $1 billion flushed down the toilet so that every “disadvantaged” child can have an iPad that will become useless in 3 years. And they overpaid!

    Detroit, here we come!

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    $1 billion on iPads and WiFi for the LA school district?! Japanese classrooms have a chalkboard, one TV, one teacher, and 40 students – and they learn exceptionally well. The problem in America lies with parents who shouldn’t be parents and an entire society who thinks education is the sole responsibility of schools.

    “It gives us the sense of hope that these kids are being looked after,
    that they’re now able to move into the future,” said Dwayne Loughridge, a


    “I’m having fun on this iPad,” said Beautiful Morris, who was using a
    photo-effects app to distort an image of her face in the manner of a
    fun-house mirror.

    (double facepalm). And a note to parents – consider what your child’s name will look like on a résumé when they are older.

  • jfpower

    Could I ask, rumours from where?

  • felddog13

    well, mostly from the internet blogosphere. Like I said, “rumors.” I have no idea how true they are.

  • imememememe

    Some of these people need to be taken out and get droned. They’re buying 650,000 iPads directly from Apple and they couldn’t get a better deal? So instead of just paying retail, they OVERPAY? For each one of 650,000 iPads?

    And the worst part is they’re using school *construction* bonds that was approved by a bunch of retards in LA who had nothing to lose since they don’t pay taxes anyway.

    *Construction* bonds. Like, they were meant to go toward *building* something that would actually last for longer than 3 years. ANNNNNDDDD! They are going to allow these kids to take these iPads home!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! “Okay, Beautiful. Take this $700 iPad home with you to your impoverished neighborhood and bring it back on Monday!” Unbelievable…

  • Bob Bobbs

    Expel low-quality engineers from Korean railways.

  • pawikirogii

    yet another example of western hypocrisy. japan’s got a pm who’s somehow related to a war criminal but the west stays silent. thailand does an ad in blackface and it’s front page news at google. westerners think it’s their right to impose their hangups on asians.


  • pawikirogii

    here’s a pic. i think it’s nice.

  • Bob Bobbs

    ‘japan’s got a pm who’s somehow related to a war criminal’

    - Source? This says otherwise:


  • Bob Bobbs

    How. Many. Times. Do. You. Have. To. Be. Told. That. Blackface. Objectifies. People.

  • pawikirogii

    leaveit to an expat pretending he doesnt understand.

  • 8675309

    “…one guy was brought to the hospital after complaining of pain”

    In a nation of hypochondriacs, this is hardly newsworthy.

  • Joseph X.

    Probably easier to find a black model — but, yeah, nice pic.

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    Korea’s president is related to an authoritarian dictator who committed numerous human rights abuses. But the west stays silent. You know why “the west stays silent”? Because neither Abe nor Park actually committed crimes themselves. They can’t help who they are related to.

    The big problem with the blackface ad is that it was an American company who ran it. Dunkin’ Donuts ran an ad in Thailand that they would never think of running in the US.

    And regarding imposing hangups on other cultures, how about those Dokdo ads that ran in Times Square and the New York Times?

  • jk641

    You think $1 billion is bad?

    How about $1 trillion to design, build, and operate the world’s worst new warplane?

    And here’s why this disastrous program will be hard to kill (but should be):

    “Lockheed has long had political muscle — the company donated to 425
    of 535 Congressional members in the 2012 cycle, according to
    OpenSecrets.org — and has garnered bipartisan support around the F-35
    The company promotes the fact that the F-35 provides 127,000 direct and indirect jobs in 47 states and Puerto Rico.”


    Good grief.
    Talk about massive government foul-up and corporate corruption rolled up into one.
    Will anyone have the balls to kill this program?
    For the sake of America’s national security, please.

  • pawilirogii

    really? you mean president park pays homage to war criminals? yet anither expat pretending he doesnt understand. btw, aint nothing blackface about that pic.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    In a nation of hypochondriacs, I think that “…one guy was brought to the hospital after complaining of pain” is extremely newsworthy.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    ….and pomodoro to the people ’cause all we are saying (Salaryman) is give pizza a chance.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    That linked article about the F-35 being the world’s worst new warplane is worth a read. One plane is supposed to replace every airframe in the U.S. inventory, which is ridiculous on its face. Defense procurement has gone desperately off the rails.

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    “really? you mean president park pays homage to war criminals?”

    Where do you get that?

    “aint nothing blackface about that pic”


    I can’t believe I actually responded to you. I suppose it’s Sunday and I don’t have much to do.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    I don’t see that those 650,000 iPads are being bought directly from Apple at a price higher than retail. The article makes reference to the iPads being sold “pre-loaded” with educational software which is still under development. To me, that points to a well-connected and probably “minority-owned” Value-Added Reseller as an intermediary. This is an embezzlement and money-laundering scheme.

  • tinyflowers

    What’s really offensive about these incidents is that it’s never black people who protest it, it’s always a bunch of white liberal do-gooders like those idiots at Human Rights Watch complaining about this ad. What does this have to do with human rights?

    You know what really objectifies black people? Whites feeling like they have to take offense on their behalf, because obviously black people are powerless to speak for themselves and don’t have the ability to determine for themselves what it racist and what is not.

    To me that ad promotes the idea that black = beautiful / desirable / delicious. That’s the idea that the picture is meant to convey. Advertising 101. There is nothing remotely racist about it. You would have to believe that black is inherently ugly and undesirable to see that ad as racist.

  • tinyflowers

    They would have been better off spending that money buying farming implements and landscaping tools to prepare the students of LAUSD for the “jobs of the future”

  • RElgin

    . . . sauce, ummm.

  • RolyPoly

    If you have ever wondered what Christian message is all about, go here. http://www.intouch.org/broadcast/this-week-on-tv We are on this planet only for seventy years or so. Then, we exit. Is that the end? No. We Christians believe that our souls do not die. We go to another place and continue to live. In God’s country.

  • imememememe

    For all that these spoiled brats don’t even send us taxpayers a ‘Thank you’ note. Instead, they come over and terrorize our neighborhoods with their, um, “after school” activities and beg to get Trayvon’d.

  • imememememe

    You mean burglary tools? Cuz I know they’re not interested in working. Why work when you have these liberal bureaucrats who can legally rob hard-working taxpayers in order to pay for your Obamaphone, iPads, three meals a day AND a roof over your head?

  • jk641

    If you liked the F-35 article, here’s another one.
    It’s about an awesome plane that the F-35 can’t possibly replace.


  • jk641

    I trust that these iPads are engraved “LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT” (in very large type) in the back?

  • pawikirogii

    most people agree with you, my friend. take a look at the comments from this piece from time mag.




    Nice Time magazine link. Have your parents considered curtailing the amount of time you spend on the internet?

  • Bob Bobbs

    - So this is A-Ok with you, then?


  • Bob Bobbs

    Abe’s forbears were politicians, not in Unit 731. I suppose you could argue that all of Japan’s politicians during WWII were war criminals, but that’s not what the court said at the Tokyo Trials. So what is your source for this statement?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    iPads are a human right.

  • pawikirogii

    please stop pretending. its boring.

  • Bob Bobbs

    What are you talking about?

  • tinyflowers

    Yeah I’ve been reading the comments on this story on various sites and the vast majority seem to agree that the ad is not racist.

    To those few idiots who see this ad as inherently racist, I think it says a lot about you that you find offense to the mere sight of a black face.

  • tinyflowers

    What does this have to do with the ad?

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    Yes, that’s exactly the one I was thinking of when I noted it was ridiculous. The Air Force can’t wait to be rid of the A-10, yet it clearly is the most useful plane we have in our inventory.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    When they are stolen and sold off to China and Vietnam that won’t matter.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    The “spoiled brats” aren’t the ones embezzling through this boondoggle.

  • Bob Bobbs
  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Even if true, who cares? You don’t choose your parents or grandparents. If someone is related to Hitler, is it their fault? Only when they continue those policies of their ancestors should they be criticized. There is plenty that Abe has to answer for which is of his own making.

  • jk641

    Hopefully the Air Force, and the whole DoD for that matter, will change their minds. And soon.

  • jk641

    Darn I didn’t think of that.

  • jk641

    I’m sure Koreans would be more sensitive about “black face” if they had enslaved blacks in the past and discriminated against them as a society.
    But the fact is that until very recent times there were no black people in Korea. (other than say, US military personnel)
    Black people were a curiosity to Koreans, for the most part.
    I mean, I’m not saying black face is okay.
    If blacks are offended by it, then they shouldn’t do it.
    But you shouldn’t automatically expect Koreans to be as sensitive to black-related issues as Americans. That’s ethnocentric.

  • Koreandumbdumb

    Xi and China are new Germany and Abe is Churchill doing the right thing. With the US being two party system which can flip-flop about defending Japan, the Japanese has the right to arm itself. The China-Japan war II is coming soon. Only SKs do not know which side to belong. Fools! Have to wake up and show its true color. Otherwise, they will die. And, Korea may disappear from the face of the earth. Many countries have.

  • dlbarch

    BTW, looking over the last week or so of MH postings, I’ve noticed two very nice developments.

    First, Robert Neff is back, which is always welcome, and his return allows one to make the equally notable observation that, along with RJK himself, R. Elgin, and Bobby McGill, MH is now well represented by bloggers who actually have the confidence — and testicular fortitude — to use their real names in standing by their posts. Bravo!

    Second, RJK is back to long-form posts, which I think he is very good at AND offers a fuller opportunity to demonstrate his considerable blogging skills.

    Add Robert’s unflinching willingness to take — and post — what are very nice and clearly affectionate pictures of his own wife and ya got yerself an impressive displace of awesome righteousness, mi compadre!



  • pawikirogii

    did robert ever tell you about the time one of the posters here actually dared to call him at HIS WORK to protest his banning? people gotta be careful, counselor.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    Except there are no actual black people, hence the greasepaint.

  • dlbarch

    True, true, true. Everyone’s gotta make that call for himself.

    But I still think that unless one’s a Chinese dissident, in the witness protection program, or maybe being stalked by a violent ex, the whole Internet anonymity thang is fundamentally a reflection of fear, and living a fearful life is no way for any man to live.

    (Women and children can do whatever they want.)

    In any event, I would actually love to see a Korean or kyopo on MH join (some of) their Western counterparts and use their real name in proclaiming, to all and sundry, that “this is what I think, and if anyone disagrees they can take a number, get in line, and kiss my ass!”

    Or something along those lines.