The Ronn Branton Group is going to have a “Summer Nights Jazz” concert in August, (20, 24) at Seoul Arts Center IBK Chamber Hall and the Sejong Performing Arts Center.  These concerts will feature Branton’s music as well as Jazz standards.  Per his comments about his music:

I am using a group that fits the music I am writing nowadays, that is more polyphonic; music with lines that overlap and flow more like the water themes I describe. Like piano, the guitar can play both harmony and polyphonic lines with ease. Wide leaps are easier and add melodic and rhythmic details that are difficult on other instruments. Using the piano, horn and guitar together allows me to create effects by repeating lines and motifs that blur and sharpen as they become unison. Melodies take on a different presence when they are multiplied two octaves apart. Part of my influences have been the orchestration of Claude Debussy, whose remarkable ability to combine instruments in ways so that there is both clarity in melodic lines, yet an unique group sound, is remarkable. Another influence has been Stan Kenton, who used a kind of “mumbling” polyphony where the same motif would be repeated with each different instrument, entering at a different points, so as to create this special effect that is like describing the difference between and individual particle (instrument) and the wave characteristics that emerge from a group of particles – a kind of Plank Action for the ears . . .
I wanted a different approach to pulse and rhythmic drive in this body of music too. Because of this, I use two percussionists so as to create more of the flowing change in meter and pulse that I want to have in these scores. The effect is sometimes very surprising since the percussionists sometimes clash aggressively against each other.

Tickets are at ticketlink or reservations can be made in English at 02-888-0650.