As Americans are just beginning to realize how the ability to use indiscriminate surveillance can lead to great political and civil abuses – through the NSA (National Security Agency) and (PRISM).  Released information from Edward Snowden also now shows that American and British Governments were   tracking and snooping on world leaders’ phones and email during the World Conferences in 2009.

. . . e-mail interception and key-logging software was installed on the computers in the ersatz Internet cafe, that foreign diplomats’ BlackBerry messages and calls were intercepted, and that 45 analysts tracked who was phoning whom at the meeting. (link)

South Korea has recently added a new page in its ongoing story of secretive interference in government and in the election process, this time by the NIS (National Intelligence Service).

The former head of the National Intelligence Service, Woon Sei-hoon will be prosecuted for election law violations in addition to the NIS’s internal code of conduct that requires political neutrality of its employees.  As if in retaliation, a former campaign manager of the main opposition Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Moon Jae-in was also arrested by prosecutors yesterday for conducting an unauthorized web campaign for the same presidential election that Woon Sei-hoon is accused of interfering with.