On sexed up sports and sedation

The recent article in the KT about TV sportstalk babes baring more skin is nothing new, but that dentist they interviewed and his take on the skin thing is likely to creep some people out.

All of which leads me to ask: is it pronounced sports-talk or sport-stalk?

Oh, a self-proclaimed “master” of adult videos, said he felt an adrenalin rush different to what he experiences from such videos when watching the sports round-up.

“The announcers in such shows are not explicit, but sexy, and at the same time they are active and elegant,” he said.

According to Oh, a dentist in Seoul who has to be at his hospital around 7 a.m., he felt compelled to watch the 30-minute-long late-night baseball show and then downloaded all previous episodes.

[Insert “strangulation of fowl” sports reference joke here]

If I was a woman, after reading those quotes, I might be hesitant about being sedated for whatever dental procedure Dr. Oh might suggest.

Granted, you gotta give the guy credit for allowing the use of his full name in the piece, but discussing what seems to be a focused study on the nuanced differences between porn and sports presenters might not be good for ye ole practice.

And to those who would move to prevent sexy sport reporting, Oh goes for the gender rights jugular.

“If somebody wants to criticize the announcers, he or she should consider denouncing those girl groups first. Why can’t they see that the sports-ladies are expressing their beauty?”

Duly noted, big Oh.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    “They can show off their beauty in other preferable ways; not by revealing their bodies. I think it is their obligation to keep their dignity as a presenter and not become a feast for men’s eyes,” Choi said.

    Ans how would they show this beauty? Oh, their “inner beauty” or something like that?

  • brier

    Korea failed with its Naked News show, so this the fill in?

    Great eye candy!

  • gbnhj

    This article demonstrates why attempts to legislate morality through the restriction of explicit sexual content ultimately fail. The power of fantasy is such that other images, which are deemed ‘sexy’ but not ‘sexually explicit’, serve as effective replacements.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    #3, oh dont worry, the powers that be are nothing if not systematic. Its only a matter of time

  • MrMao

    How did his ‘mastery’ of adult films come up in the interview? Did he get the interview because of this admission or in spite of it? What does he do to his patients while they are unconscious?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    He revealed his name? Dr. Oh….um…there must be 500 dentists by that name in Seoul

  • mobogofo

    ok, i admit it, when i read “penetration rate” right below the money shot of that announcer, i may have “boosted my viewing figures” if you know what i mean.