Lots of spring cherry blossom photos at Ye Olde Tumblr photoblog.

– While the North Koreans seem fixated on threatening the Americans and South Koreans with nuclear alienation, they seem to have missed that Australia is participating in this year’s drills, too (HT to Aaron):

Australian combat troops have for the first time taken part in annual South Korea-US joint military drills, a South Korean defence ministry spokesman said Saturday.

The 18-member army unit joined a landing drill held near the southeastern city of Pohang as part of the Foal Eagle US-South Korea joint military exercise, the spokesman said.

Australia is a member of the 16-nation United Nations Command, and fought alongside South Korea during the Korean War against North Korea and China.

You guys still wear the slouch hat? Those things are cool. Not as awesome as the pith helmet, mind you, but sharp nonetheless.

– The JoongAng Ilbo talks with supermodel Kim Sung-hee, who’s succeeding in New York because she actually looks Korean.

– Marmot’s Hole favorite Jessica Gomes likes the restaurants of LA’s Koreatown.