N. Korea to launch missile tomorrow: report

Quoting multiple sources, Japan’s Sankei Shimbun (via the Chosun Ilbo)—admittedly, not always the most reliable source—reports that North Korea has informed foreign diplomats in Pyongyang that it would launch a missile over Japan into the Pacific sometime around tomorrow.

The paper said North Korea told certain diplomats the test—and the unpredictable situation that may follow—was the reason Pyongyang advised foreign diplomats to evacuate North Korea.

The Chosun Ilbo notes that the South Korean government believes the North will fire off a Musudan missile (range: 3,000–4,000 km) sometime soon (today at the earliest), citing a dramatic increase in North Korean communications along the East Sea coast.

Oh, and if the North does decide to fire a missile off, Sen. John McCain thinks we should shoot it down. Just to make a point. I’m guessing this won’t happen, as the Pentagon is apparently keen to cool things down in Korea.

UPDATE: The Pentagon is saying it won’t shoot down the missile if it’s heading for open water.

Oh, and interestingly enough, a commenter at GI Korea suggests that China might have supplied North Korea’s mobile missile launchers, citing a column by Gordon Chang.

  • R. Elgin

    Maybe they will hit Kaesong to demonstrate their ability to shoot themselves in the back.

  • http://catsinskorea.blogspot.com.au/ Jakgani

    and this is supposed to scare the world into giving foreign aid/food/fertilizer and money to NK again?

    They have to do something better than fire another rocket over Japan.

  • wombat

    with a chance of eased sanctions….

  • David29073

    I use to subscribe to a strategic Blog (Stratfor) that was heavy into foreign affairs and analysis. What they spotted in some North Korean Parade a few months back was a very complete analysis of the carriages that were pulling the missiles in the parade, along with a detail examination of the missiles themselves.
    Interesting article, for it pointed out several factors, the missiles were not working models, lots of plates were out of place, things just didn’t add up about where certain items on the missiles were placed. What was not in dispute was the delivery and carriage vehicles used, the were of Chinese design and the article was able to trace back to the factories that designed them. I have looked for the article without success, but China has been supplying the North Koreans with all sorts of “banned” military material based on profits for the Chinese industries involved in the supply. This was also part of the analysis used for the article.
    All in all, it seems as though there are functioning missiles in North Korea, but some of the bigger newer models seem to be, without really proving it, fake, or, at least, not what they are designed to look like, and may not be in operational status.
    Anyway you look at it, it’s going to get very interesting in the next few days, and the moron in North Korean is proabably betting on no response from the South, and that is a very BIG miscalculation, VERY BIG!!

  • RolyPoly

    I have been writing on this blog for ten years that it is ALL Chinese. The responses I got were “Why would the Chinese…”, “You are stupid..”, “You are the only one…”, “All newspapers say…”, “NKs are isolated and China dislikes NK..”, etc.

    All wrong!

    It is all China.

    However, you are wrong about the response. SK should just grin and bear it. The US will not necessarily attack NK even if NK shoots missles. This is where all SKs are wrong. They assume the US will automatically attack NK. NO.

    The war between SK and NK(with backing from China) can set back Korea by twenty years. Hunger, poverty, destruction, no hope…You want that? Go ahead.

    I will calculate the cost before entering into a war that SK cannot win. The US will again fight defensive war and China will again enter into war if NK is losing.

    It is Korean war all over again. After three years of war, the conclusion was a truce. On the same spot. Nobody won.

    It will be Korean war again. Mucho death. No winners.