It’s touching to know that North Korea has my well-being at heart:

North Korea warned foreigners in South Korea to take evacuation measures on Tuesday in case of war, in the latest escalation of warnings from Pyongyang.

“We do not wish harm on foreigners in South Korea should there be a war,” its KCNA news agency, citing the spokesperson for its Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee.

You can read North Korea’s statement in Korean here. Basically, they are saying America’s being very mean to them, and a war could break out at any moment, so be sure you’ve got your evacuation plans thought out ahead of time.

No mention of their plan to take all the Americans living in the South captive—word count issue, I’m sure.

Perhaps North Korea’s just pissed off that South Korea set a record for inbound tourists in March?

UPDATE 1: Korean newspaper MoneyToday notes that the US embassy website does have a page with emergency info for US citizens in Korea—worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

UPDATE 2: From Don C.:

So we’re all good, then?

UPDATE 3: US State Department says there’s nothing to worry about. Funny stuff at the press briefing, though:

Reporters pressed Ventrell to acknowledge that the U.S. government thinks North Korea is just bluffing and has no intention of attacking the South.

“So the fact that a nuclear-armed country has told foreigners to get out of South Korea because of a coming war, you don’t regard as a specific threat?” asked AP reporter Matt Lee. “In another circumstance if a country warned Americans or any other foreigners to get out, you might think that that was an actual threat. No?”

Ventrell said that North Korea has a pattern of making such provocative statements and he insisted the U.S. government was taking Pyongyang’s statements seriously, but said that at the same time, Americans should feel free to travel to South Korea as they please.

There was more back-and-forth, too.

Oh, and thanks go to the WaPo’s Chico Harlan for the link.