North Korea’s military command has just released a statement declaring that the entire military, including strategic rocket forces, are at full combat readiness. Or as VOA’s Steve Herman put it:

Lots of other ominous language, too. Maybe they’ll do something. Or not. Who knows?

UPDATE: Funny—the North is quoting the Chosun Ilbo’s report about attacking Kim Il-sung statues. I’ve always suspected the first thing North Korean leaders do in the morning is read the Chosun Ilbo.

UPDATE 2: Seoul is busy trying to figure out what “No. 1 combat ready posture” even means. Security-related officials think it means North Korea’s highest state of combat readiness, but it’s a term they’ve never really heard before. Complicating matters is that not only does North Korea lack an official defense readiness system vis-a-vis the South, but the terms it uses for said readiness seem to change all the time, too.