The boys and girls at North Korean website Uriminzokkiri have released a video outlying a war scenario in which North Korea occupies the South in just three days.

Considering that it took three days just to take Seoul in their wildly successful initial invasion of 1950, it’s an ambitious goal.

On the first day, the long-range guns of North Korea’s four frontline army corps would unleash 250,000 rounds in 30 minutes; 1,000 short-range surface-to-surface missiles would also be launched, reducing the South to ashes. At the same time, they would hit US bases in Guam and Japan with WMDs.

On the second day, the KPA would launch a general offensive while North Korean special forces airdropped on South Korea’s major cities, occupying them.

On the third day, the North Koreans—lovable lugs they are—would begin stabilization operations to bring the South back from the chaos of having its electricity, water, fuel and communications cut.

Now, lest I fall foul of the National Security Law, I won’t be posting the video here. If you really wanted to see it, though, you can find it here.

I like the bit about taking the “150,000 Americans resident in the South” prisoner.