Seoul Fortress Wall Walk and Other Walking Trails

Over at Circles and Squares, Emanuel Pastreich posts about Seoul’s new walking trails around the old city walls:

But now a new image for the northern bank of the Han River is emerging and becoming very powerful. The new vision focuses on the fortress wall that has survived in part around old Seoul The new posters, such as this one below, make the fortress wall a defining element for Seoul and go so far as to sketch in the parts that have been razed.

The city of Seoul has put together a very impressive walking tour based around the fortress wall for tourists (and residents). I am delighted as someone who has often walked around the city wall and found it quite beautiful.

As Dr. Pastreich notes, the trail was at least in part inspired by the Jeju Olle Trails, one of the best ideas to hit the Korean tourism scene since, well, ever. You can find municipalities and parks crafting similarly spirited walking trails throughout Korea now—see Yeongdeok’s Blue Road, Daegu’s modern history walks, and Jirisan and Bukhansan national parks’ Dulle trails. The Wonhyo pilgramage route looks like it has some real potential to it, too.

  • Galen Kim Davis

    Can you run on these trails? I’ve picked up a nasty triathlon habit and will be in Korea for a week next month. I’m worried about falling behind on my training.

  • Sanshinseon

    no reason you couldn’t run on these, if you’re respectful of the walkers in your way, and safety-mindful of the stairways and road-crossings.

    These are indeed great developments for Korean tourism and resident-lifestyles! I hope that the new national admin will continue to promotes the development of more-such.