– Somewhere, there’s a very naughty Brit enjoying this all (HT to reader).

– Really now, is there anything hotter than a moon-faced beauty in an ushanka threatening to turn Seoul and Washington into seas of fire (scroll to 0:47)?

“Japanese” apparently tops China’s list of porn search terms (HT to reader). “Korea” comes in at a lowly tenth. Nice to see you don’t have to be white to fetishize Asians. In fact, according to Shanghaiist, “Of China’s neighbours, only India and Kazakhstan search for members of other races getting their sex on.” And I don’t even want to guess what the numbers coming out of Finland are all about.

Bad Bianca! Bad Daniel!

– Here are some statistics that define Korea.

– Finally, things might be bad with North Korea, but at least we don’t live in the economic hellhole that is the United States (HT to reader):

When you come into your own as an expat in South Korea, it’s easy to forget about North Korea. Life here is blessed compared to the economically-deprived west. Our basic needs are met: food, shelter and medical care.

Most foreigner jobs provide housing, a decent monthly salary, pension, severance and medical insurance. After household bills, contributions to savings, and/or paying off debt, there is usually more than enough money left over to eat and drink to our hearts’ content, shop as we please, and travel extensively.

Many of us from the U.S. secretly share the opinion that going home would be more horrifying than living with the constant North Korean threat. Back home there is: Lack of health care, lack of employment, high cost of living and, the dreaded, living with the parents. These points keep us happily settled in the ROK.

I imagine some of you might have something to say about this.