South Korea to get medieval on North’s ass: Dong-A Ilbo

OK, the Dong-A Ilbo didn’t say that exactly, but they got downright North Korea-esque in their headline, “Self-propelled artillery to belch fire if North launches provocation… command posts to be turned to ash by jet fighters.”

To sum up, if North Korea uses its coastal guns to attack somewhere like Baengnyeongdo, they’re gonna get a hurtin’. The South Koreans will first use their 20 K-9 pieces on Yeongpyeongdo and Baengnyeongdo, 130mm Multiple Rocket Launchers and 155mm towed artillery to rain fire on the offending artillery unit.

If North Korea persists, South Korea would commence the second stage of its retaliations by going after support and command units. ROKAF F-15s and F-16s would launch surgical strikes against command units in the rear such as the headquarters of the KPA 4th Corps, while the ROK Navy would put destroyers in the West Sea to guard against further provocations.

The ROK military is also ready for attempts by the North Koreans to land special forces on the West Sea islands in a bid to occupy them. The ROK military believes the North has plans to use air-cushioned vehicles to take over the islands within 30 minutes of crossing the NLL. South Korea has got Cobra gunships on Baengnyeongdo for just such an occasion.

A high-ranking military official told the Dong-A that it has more the quadrupled the amount of firepower its got on the West Sea islands and rewritten the rules of engagement since the Yeonpyeongdo incident. This time, the South would get proper vengeance if the North launches a provocation. Military experts, however, say it’s difficult to say who’s on top in the West Sea, with the North ahead quantitatively but the South ahead qualitatively.

And on a related note… hey, G’Na! Get off those flags!

  • felddog13

    Alright–I admit it. I’m a little nervous. Stand tall, Madame President. We’re behind your swishing skirt 100 percent.

  • 3gyupsal

    I’m no military expert, but I don’t think that it is a great idea to publish your attack plan in a newspaper.

  • wangkon936

    I wouldn’t worry. It’s kind of like the mid-90’s Utah Jazz offense. You always knew what they were going to do, some variation of Stockton to Malone, but there wasn’t much you could do about it (unless you were the Chicago Bulls).

  • Charles Montgomery

    Only semi-related but awesome… Some voice-over troll goes viral with a supposed translation of a North Korean video:
    Fools beginning to go mad for it, even though a slight bit of Korean seems to reveal the translation is largely made-up.
    Still, the viral fraud is funny in its own right.

  • wangkon936

    Here’s hoping that ROK forces have properly functioning counter battery radars this time.

  • Mr. Youknowwho

    I’m finding Text-Enhance links in your article. Is that from a virus on your webpage, Robert?

  • Mr. Youknowwho

    Never mind. Google says it’s in my computer.

  • imememememe

    think its just their way of letting the norks know that they won’t take shit sitting down this time. although i think they will take more shit sitting down.

  • Mr. Yu

    Yes, the BNORKS better think twice, this time they’re dealing with an ajumma!

  • Horace Jeffery Hodges

    The North talks about war the way most men talk about sex: lots of talk, little action.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *