Today’s WaPo asks which countries do the U.S. hate the most?  Well, surprise, surprise, surprise.  According to the latest Gallup poll it’s North Korea and Iran.

How Americans view foreign countries (Data: Gallup)

So, what about countries that view the U.S. “favorably?”  According to the Pew study in 2011 and 2010 that would be Kenya, Nigeria,  Lithuania, and drum roll- South Korea.  Interestingly, the Germans are rather ambivalent about the U.S. and the Russians have warmer feelings about the U.S. than one might think.  Also, Americans view Germany and Japan, two former WWII foes, rather pleasantly today.

How foreign countries view the U.S. (Data: Pew)

The Pew appears to skip South Korea on occasion, but here are their results over the last 12 years.