– I understand why nobody will go to jail for this, but it still sucks.

– Staff Sergeant Lopez has confessed to shooting BBs and driving the getaway car. Get this, too:

“It is premature to say whether to put him under arrest or not, as it is not clear why they fled in a car,” an official at Yongsan Police Station said. “We don’t exclude the possibility of asking for an arrest warrant.”

Gee, I would hope not.

Interestingly enough, the head of the KNP did admit the USFK BB Bandit case reveal some cause for concern, namely, in the inability of the cops to catch the trio.

– Yep, you’ve got South Korean generals playing golf, the mayor of Onjin County (i.e., the guy in charge of the Five West Sea Islands) in the United States and the administration passing legislation on excessive exposure. No wonder Chung Mong-joon (and, apparently, the incoming defense minister) wants to cancel the transfer of wartime operational command —say what you will about USFK, but at least they take shit seriously.

– About the fine on excessive exposure—like everybody else, I immediately thought of Park’s dad’s hangups about long hair and miniskirts back in the bad old days. Apparently, however, the article has been on the books continuously since 1973.

– South Korea’s defense ministry spokesman thinks North Korea’s antics of late are just psychological BS aimed at both its own people and the South.

– Well, at least Kaesong is still open.

– And if you wanted to know what the Unified Progressive Party was thinking about North Korea’s behavior

– President Park’s first overseas trip will be to the White House, probably in May.

– Thanks for the head’s up, but was anyone really fooled by Denis Rodman’s trip to North Korea?

– The Evil Fruit Company has apparently regained its top spot in the global smartphone market. LG rose to No.3, though.

– And in something completely different, the Huff Post quotes a study that suggests that sexist men like big boobs.