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– I understand why nobody will go to jail for this, but it still sucks.

– Staff Sergeant Lopez has confessed to shooting BBs and driving the getaway car. Get this, too:

“It is premature to say whether to put him under arrest or not, as it is not clear why they fled in a car,” an official at Yongsan Police Station said. “We don’t exclude the possibility of asking for an arrest warrant.”

Gee, I would hope not.

Interestingly enough, the head of the KNP did admit the USFK BB Bandit case reveal some cause for concern, namely, in the inability of the cops to catch the trio.

– Yep, you’ve got South Korean generals playing golf, the mayor of Onjin County (i.e., the guy in charge of the Five West Sea Islands) in the United States and the administration passing legislation on excessive exposure. No wonder Chung Mong-joon (and, apparently, the incoming defense minister) wants to cancel the transfer of wartime operational command —say what you will about USFK, but at least they take shit seriously.

– About the fine on excessive exposure—like everybody else, I immediately thought of Park’s dad’s hangups about long hair and miniskirts back in the bad old days. Apparently, however, the article has been on the books continuously since 1973.

– South Korea’s defense ministry spokesman thinks North Korea’s antics of late are just psychological BS aimed at both its own people and the South.

– Well, at least Kaesong is still open.

– And if you wanted to know what the Unified Progressive Party was thinking about North Korea’s behavior

– President Park’s first overseas trip will be to the White House, probably in May.

– Thanks for the head’s up, but was anyone really fooled by Denis Rodman’s trip to North Korea?

– The Evil Fruit Company has apparently regained its top spot in the global smartphone market. LG rose to No.3, though.

– And in something completely different, the Huff Post quotes a study that suggests that sexist men like big boobs.

  • wangkon936

    Big boobs? Personally, I prefer quality over quantity. What does that make me?

  • Horace Jeffery Hodges

    I agree. No woman needs more than two boobs.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • Cloudfive

    It means that men who like small boobs can be sexists too.

  • will.i.aint

    Kind of funny . . . the email address for the Yonhap reporter who wrote the article about the inability of the KNP to catch the fleeing trio of BB gun bandits is . . .

  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    Without reading the link, and just reading Cloudfive’s comment made me realize, I’d misread the post as:

    sexiest men like big boobs

  • Anonymous_Joe

    As I have noted in a previous thread, if the SSG was the driver and the CPL got shot, then the police officer shot at a passenger rather than the driver of the car. Further to shoot a passenger, the officer had to be either on the other side of the car (if the CPL was in the front passenger seat) or behind the car (if the CPL was in the driver’s side rear seat). Either way, that makes the officer’s self-defense claim less palatable.

    As I further noted in the previous thread, determining whether the CPL was a passenger or driver would be elementary, my dear Watsons. We knew the male CPL was the only one shot. It’s winter. If the CPL was the driver, the bullet(s) would have entered the car on the driver’s side; if the CPL was the passenger, the bullet(s) would have entered the car on the passenger’s side. Duh. If the officer shot from behind, there is no reasonable self-defense claim (unless the car were going in reverse, and it wasn’t.)

    This is what we do know:

    1) The USFK soldiers were immature douche-bags who deserve all that they deservedly have coming to them. (Is everyone happy?)

    2) The police officer applied deadly force against an unarmed person and knew that person was unarmed or at least had no proof or reason to believe the person was armed.


  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    Also, kind of related – when I asked my bf “why do men have nipples”, he answered “why do women have brains”.

  • ChuckRamone

    I read it’s because nipples form on a person before sexual differentiation occurs in the womb. Some of my guy friends would have been the type with huge nipples on their breasts if they had been born female.

  • ChuckRamone

    Or one really high quality boob is better than like 10 sub-par boobs.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Yonhap News: Prosecutors to seek arrest warrant for coach Kang over match-fixing charges (

    Article refers to KBL coach in game fixing. Wasn’t it just last year that Korean baseball players were convicted or plead guilty to throwing games?

    I know that I shouldn’t think this for no other reason than it just seems wrong to do so, but I think everything here…. well, you know.

  • keyinjpop

    Reminds me of the one-boobed chick in Kung-Fu Hustle.

  • cm

    There’s nothing to discuss. The officer shot at the car, missed, and hit the passenger instead.

    You’re making this way more complicated than it really is.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    You need to think it through. The officer must have been standing on the side of the car. If the officer were in front of the car, the car would have hit him. If the officer was on the driver’s side, he hit the driver, but the driver wasn’t hit. So for the officer to shoot the CPL on the driver’s side, then the CPL must have been in the rear seat. In which case, the officer opened fire from behind the car or at best and most likely the side because I don’t see how a rear seat passenger can suffer a shoulder would from behind.

    Most likely, the officer shot at the passenger from the passenger’s side. That’s a real problem, especially since the officer had no reason to suspect that the passenger was armed.

    (Again, flamers, I hope these immature get everything they deserve but no more. I don’t know for certain that a bullet was warranted. At the least, someone needs to ask the questions. If the officer was indeed fully justified, then the questions are merely a formality.)

  • yangachibastardo

    I like a woman who engage me in a conversation without a mention of the word “lawyer”

  • wangkon936

    That is a little dysfunctional there buddy….. but sounds REALLY colorful… hahaha.

  • Jon

    The “excessive exposure” thing is apparently all a huge misunderstanding kicked off by Hyori and perpetuated by the media (and I’m told by the opposition party, but not sure about that).

    They made some changes to the 과도노출 law, which translates as “overexposure” but really means “public nudity.” It’s existed for quite a long time to stop Burberry men from flashing schoolgirls/masturbating outside girls’ schools. The government recently modified the law in two ways:
    -It’s no longer illegal to wear see-through clothes in public.
    -The punishment for public nudity has been reduced, but made simpler to administer. Now, if a pervert is caught by the cops with his dick out in public, rather than hauling him in front of a judge, they can write him a 50 000 won fine on the spot and send him on his way.

    Then Hyori hears this, and tweets, “Penalty for excessive body exposure, is this true? I’m doomed.”

    So suddenly everyone’s reporting that Korea is bringing back the law regulating miniskirt lengths, when all they did was ease the existing laws on public nudity slightly. Cheong Wa Dae released a statement on Facebook on Tuesday trying to explain, but it seems to be too late.

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