So the toilet political coverage of the blog is back.

Ex-presidential candidate Ahn is back from his sojourn in the US and is starting early this time around. He is running in the April by-election in the Seoul Nowon-ku (pyung) area. The political “experience” he’s gained from last time seems to be “start early and don’t be a polite willy nilly”.

In this press conference, he quotes Les Miserables and Lincoln as the two films he’s seen which left a strong impression on him. It’s funny that the news report tries to “guess” his political messege from this, when Ahn just tells it in plain primary school 2nd grade standard 독후감 words, “I saw that the president (Lincoln) tries really really hard” (LOL).
As (probably) the only supporter of Ahn on this blog during the last election, it feels good to see him back as I predicted and wished for, but somehow the steam has gone out a bit, and the road does seem a bit far. Hopefully the steam will build with time.