GI trio steals Korean woman’s credit card. And who doesn’t shoot BBs at local civilians for fun?

So, the Korean National Police entered a US military base for the first time in 16 years to question the asshat who got himself shot Saturday night.

Police investigations have so far turned up that the GIs in question shot the BBs for fun (apparently something of a USFK tradition), something the suspects told investigators they do regularly. The couple tested negative for drugs, but the cops plan to conduct a more thorough test. The problem is that the three are blaming one another, with the shot corporal claiming the sergeant was the guy doing the shooting and driving, while the sergeant claims it was the corporal who did the shooting and driving. Interestingly enough, the testimony of the female soldier who joined in the spree—often identified as the wife of the sergeant—reportedly matches that of the shot corporal.

They apparently also told police they fled out of fear when they got pounced upon by police and local residents, that they bought the BB rounds at a stationary store near Itaewon, that they were too afraid to remember hitting the cop, and that they didn’t actually shoot anyone with the BBs, but rather shot at signboards and the like.

Do we really have to take these guys back after they complete their jail sentences here?

There was a protest in front of Yongsan yesterday, during which time News 1 noted some GIs smirking evilly from the overpass.

Let nobody fault CBS’s Byeon Sang-wook for a short memory. He cites the very first GI crime in Korea ever, which took place on Sept 8, 1945. As US troops were landing at Incheon, the US military used Japanese police to keep locals from entering Incheon Harbor. Despite this, some locals gathered at the harbor carrying Korean and American flags to welcome the Americans. The Japanese police fired on the crowd for entering a restricted area, killing two and wounding about 10.

The US 7th Division left a solitary infantry regiment in Incheon and headed to Seoul the next day, where at 4 pm they officially accepted the surrender of Japanese troops in Korea and raised the US flag over the Government-General building. At the same time, a funeral for the dead Koreans was held in Incheon. When it was finished, the families of the victims filed a complaint with the US military authorities against the Japanese cops, but a US court martial found that the shooting was justified as the crowd had crossed the police line. This, says Byeon, was the first crime ever committed by the US military in Korea—accessory to murder.

Byeon goes on—to sum up, he thinks the big problem is that US soldiers act not like allies but as an occupation force, and this thinking needs to change. He also thinks the SOFA needs to be revised to instill a sense of fear in GIs.

Oh, and USFK hits keep on coming—three GIs recently got busted after they tried to use a credit card they stole from the bag of a Korean woman they had been drinking with. They also stole her mobile phone. UPDATE: Is it just me, or does it appear the JoongAng Ilbo has taken down the story?

  • StKY

    At least there was booze involved with the second incident.

  • Sperwer

    Byeon goes on—to sum up, he thinks the big problem is that US soldiers act not like allies but as an occupation force

    In 1945, Korea was an ally of Japan (it was part of Japan, populated by a large Japanese Imperial Army), and 8th Army WAS an occupation force.

    And, really, accessory to murder? Did this guy study law with The Korean? And these Korean talking heads wonder why they aren’t take seriously?

  • TheKorean

    Korea wasn’t an “ally” of Japan. It was part of Japanese empire before 1945, doofus.

  • wangkon936

    Yep. Korea in 1945 was PART of Japan. Annexed as I’ve mentioned to you before. They were not an ally of Japan.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Look at that, obviously Byeon uses “occupy” to suggest a forceful possession of territory. What does TK have to say about this?

  • Sperwer


    (it was part of Japan, populated by a large Japanese Imperial Army)

    dyslexic much?

  • Sperwer

    And you think that’s an improvement?

  • Bob Bobbs

    Perfect. They blame each other, with the perhaps-wife of the staff sergeant siding against her supposed husband. Mistrial coming right up.

  • wangkon936

    “doofus” remark not necessary to proving your point. Please refrain from using such terms. Thanks.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Before The_Korean gets upset, let’s say all these guys and gals are assholes.

    Now, back to the issue: how in the hell is the USFK anything like an army of occupation?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    The_Korean wrote on his blog:

    “I never used the words “occupying army,” which has a significantly different connotation from “occupying the middle of the city” (which is what I wrote.)

    You are welcome to try and find just a single month in the history of the Republic of Korea when there was not a single crime committed by the USFK.”

    Cheap lawyer tricks and no logic or really bad grasp of English

    The USFK (an army) “is occupying central Seoul” is what was claimed by The_Korean. Taking the present progressive and turning it into an adjective we get “An occupying army in central Seoul”

    Let’s see how it works in other examples:

    A blog that is stinking -> a stinking blog
    A lawyer who is lying -> a lying lawyer
    A blogger inciting hatred -> a hate-inciting blogger
    A Korean hiding in the US -> a hiding Korean

    Simple English grammar.

  • Robert Koehler

    Oddly enough, I didn’t take TK’s post as meaning USFK is an occupying army. Unfortunate choice of words perhaps, but I got what he was trying to say.

    But perhaps more to the point, why are we discussing this matter in this thread?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Well, if it was an unfortunate choice of words, he could come out and just say it. But no, no way Jose, he’s gonna lawyer up and insist he was right. Nothing burns me more than someone disagreeing with me insisting he is right.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Second question: The two posts are petty much the same thing, both dealing with an occupying army acting like an occupier.

  • madar

    Great yellow journalism, News 1. There’s no way they could have been smiling for any other reason, like one just told an unrelated joke, they heard some good news, or where having a good day.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    So, to reiterate, here is what The_Korean actually posted:

    “So, to reiterate: a foreign army is occupying the middle of the city….”

    In his recap, the_Korean conveniently omitted the “foreign army” part before “occupying the middle of the city”.

    Also, when I saw “occupation force” in the lede post, I thought the same but wasn’t going to comment here. At least until I saw SalaryMan’s quote from The_Korean’s blog.

    I’m really trying to stick to ideas in these online debates, but I am finding The_Korean’s lawyering, omissions, obfuscations , and diversions intolerable. Yes, he’s a D.C. attorney, but at some point his online reputation should stand on his posts.

    The_Korean really needs to man up and at least post, “I made an unfortunate choice of words that connoted a different meaning from my intended meaning” or words to that effect (as if anyone would believe that at this point). His insistence otherwise is now beyond school-boy silly, and none of us would pay him any more attention if he weren’t a D.C. attorney.

    I’ve engaged him in online debates before, and I’ve found his reasoning reminds me of the court room dramas where the lawyer makes a snide remark, the other attorney says “ojbection, your honor”, and before the judge can even draw a breath to respond, the first attorney says, “withdrawn.” Except he doesn’t withdraw.

  • Cloudfive

    What started out as a story about 3 young military personnel acting extremely stupid in the capital city of their host nation, somehow turns into whether the USFK should be in S. Korea and how ungrateful Koreans are because they, rightly or wrongly, question SOFA.

    The_Korean is not even involved in the discussion until people start responding to another person posing as TheKorean and quoting from TK’s personal blog and accusing him of being “inflammatory”,”hate baiting” and inciting “a call to arms” for his choice of vocabulary.

    As to why people engage The_Korean in debate when he gets paid to argue and is quite tenacious, as we have seen in his dog meat debate with Yuna, is beyond me.

    The_Korean really needs to man up and at least post, “I made an unfortunate choice of words that connoted a different meaning from my intended meaning” or words to that effect (as if anyone would believe that at this point).

    Well, good luck getting that to happen…

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    TK is a pushover, his lawyerly tricks become quite obvious quickly.

    But so far we have established two things:

    1. He did indeed say the USFK was an occupying army
    2. The context within which “to occupy” was used can indicate no meaning other than that the USFK is a hostile foreign force.

    Additionally, he lied about how many people had a problem with his choice of wording: not only is the more than one person on his blog who had a problem with it, TK is also mentioned in other blogs and taken to task.

    If TK wants relentless I am more than happy to beat the shit out of this dead horse for the next year.

  • The_Korean

    I’m still waiting to hear you say why you find what I wrote more important than a policeman nearly getting killed.

  • m0tbaillie

    “There was a protest in front of Yongsan yesterday, during which time News 1 noted some GIs smirking evilly from the overpass.”

    Smirking evilly form the overpass? Really? 1) those guys are Air Force, not Army; and 2) they’re walking down the street on base while someone stands there down below and takes pictures and somehow that is interpreted as them “smirking evilly”? Way to be sensationalist.

  • The_Korean

    I reserve my efforts for people who are worth engaging. You were disqualified long ago.

  • The_Korean

    Nothing burns me more than someone disagreeing with me insisting he is right.

    Given how often you are wrong, you must be a giant bonfire.

  • The_Korean

    “A lawyer who is lying” –> an action that happens at a certain moment in time.
    “A lying lawyer” –> a semi-permanent characteristic of that lawyer, regardless of the moment in time.

    Simple English grammar.

  • The_Korean

    But Robert, EVERYONE thought that I meant USFK was violently seizing the city. Are you saying you are not part of EVERYONE? And surely, you know why we are discussing this matter in this thread–because what I write is so much more important than a policeman nearly getting killed! Get with the program.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Another lie – you spent hours engaging me on the other thread.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    No one said it was more important. Its just that no one has argued that the cop almost getting killed was a good thing. If someone did say that, you can bet your 50 dollar suit that we would have nailed his ass to the wall. You did however come out with an inflammatory statement calling the USFK, which right now is pretty much the only deterrent in this country to aggression an “occupying force,” then spent a whole day trying to claim that you didn’t.

  • The_Korean

    I also spend hours playing with my cat. Like with my cat, I barely use any effort when I toy with you.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Lol, you have been taken to the cleaners like your 50 dollar suit on this issue. Need I quote some of your pretty lengthy responses to me as proof that you did, indeed, try?

  • The_Korean

    Go for it.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    lol, sure. Actually, does a lawyer ever not lie?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    And your blog? It sucking is certainly not semi-permanent or only at a certain time, though it reached mega depths when you started hate baiting.
    And the sinking ship was your mental health, just in case you didnt get it.

  • Sigmund

    Wait a second…So they were shooting airsoft BBs? Shit, I thought they were shooting metal ones.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Coudfive, I do not see this as a “whether USFK should be in ROK” or “ungrateful Koreans and SOFA” argument. I see this as someone misrepresenting a tinderbox of an issue. Specifically, The_Korean took an issue (the SOFA) that is a match from a candlelight vigil at any time, connoted something that was out of line with the expectation (I am being generous here), and was proved wrong as the events, which were well within the agreement between two nations, unfolded.

    The_Korean has the opportunity to do something responsible and meaningful, at least for his “5000” daily readers. He is bilingual, can explain the SOFA and its actual workings in Korean to Koreans, and might be able to start people on a responsible path. Rather than that, he chooses to try to win a losing argument for what other purpose than he would in effect have to admit that he was wrong.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    I answered your question nearly 12 hours ago in the original thread:

    Anonymous_Joe The_Korean • 11 hours ago−

    Answer me: how is it that there is huge discrepancy between the effort spent denouncing the USFK soldiers who nearly killed a police officer, and the effort spent trying to “disprove” something I never said?

    Because no one is disputing the asshatery of the USFK soldiers. You have made your asshatery the subject of this thread.

    Also, and as SalaryMan has alluded to, your attempt to change the subject by making this an either/or with the policeman or your misleading statements about the SOFA is an elementary school boy’s playground trick.

  • cm

    Am I the only one who thinks this, but the blogs on Korea are making a bigger deal over this story than the Koreans?

  • The_Korean

    Your claim that “You have made your asshatery the subject of this thread.” is demonstrably false. It is clear that I did not make any subject of that thread, because I did not post anything on that thread until you started making charges at me. I pointed this out as soon as you posted your response, yet you blithely ignore the fact that you made a transparently false claim.

    I will note that, at this point, you have:

    1. Admitted that you misrepresented my position on USFK deployment, yet continued to question my “real agenda”;

    2. Lied about whether I set the subject of the previous thread;

    3. Been unable to point to anything that was incorrect in the statement that you challenge;

    4. Refused to answer and/or supplied transparently false answer to my repeated questions as to why you spend so much effort on my writing, but not on the outrageousness of the original incident;

    5. Ran away to a different thread and complain about my supposed “omissions, obfuscations , and diversions,” although I answered all of your questions at this point; and

    6. Unable to find anything incorrect with what I said, and unable to answer why you focus so much on my writing without giving an embarrassing answer, resorted to threatening me by referring to my “real name and occupation”–over a debate on the Internet.

    Like I told Salman, I only spend the effort to those who are worth the effort. The fact that I spent a day and a half speaking with you is a reflection of what I think of you. But I’m afraid I am pretty close to stopping with you also.

  • The_Korean

    Oh wow, someone who usually puts an answer within 5 minutes is unable to find any instance of my “pretty lengthy responses” after an hour. What a surprise.

  • The_Korean

    I think you should call my office and complain.

  • Arghaeri


  • Anonymous_Joe

    Just stop it, TK. You long ago entered douche-bag territory. I just didn’t call you out on it.

    I’ll only fully address your first point because the rest are more of the same. I did not admit that I “misrepresented your position.” You claimed that you were for USFK deployment, I accepted you at your word, I apologized, I said I’d never state otherwise again, and that I would not mention it.

    I’m interested in debate and ideas. I’m not interested in “winning”. If someone changes my opinion, I am happy because I learned something.

    Now look at your point #4 and the post immediately above your post, which was the one you replied to. Dude, you’re either lying or delusional.

    #5 “Ran away to a different thread”? Really? Read the whole post where I specifically state that I did not intend to bring it to another thread, but another poster posted something from your blog in that thread.

    #6- Threatening you by using your real name and occumpation? Reread the post. In fact, here it is:

    TK, I know that people know your real name and occupation, so I am trying to avoid calling you out directly, but you need to stop.

    You wrote and have defended “a foreign army is occupying the middle of the city”, which everyone but you interprets as a “military occupatoin”. You made the stink about Koreans inability to bring the soldiers to Korean justice “unless USFK voluntarily turns the soldiers over, and good luck getting that to happen.” The statement is irresponsible and inflammatory given Koreans’ already fallacious perception of the process, which Korean media, as well as you, stoke.

    As far as my misstating your position on USFK in Korea. I apologized as soon as you told me otherwise. Drop it. With this and your stubborn clinging to your insistence of appropriate usage of “occupying” “foreign army”, and “good luck getting that to happen”, you sound like a school boy.

    Up until that point, I had not used language that connoted my larger personal opinion of your intellect or occupational skills. In fact, I tried to be more delicate (“avoid calling you out”) in my language because “I know that people know your real name and occupation.” My point was that your posts could affect your real life. I was concerned what other readers might think.

    I’ve “debated” with you before, and I’ve found you just a bag of cheap lawyer (actually, elementary school boy in a schoolyard) tricks. I’m done.

  • The_Korean

    I apologized, I said I’d never state otherwise again, and that I would not mention it.

    And yet you went right back to mentioning it. Do you think you can run away from your own words? The Internet is an archive, AJ. It doesn’t go away just because you wish it away.

    Read the whole post where I specifically state that I did not intend to bring it to another thread, but another poster posted something from your blog in that thread.

    You did not intend to bring it to another thread, yet here you are, posting on the same stuff while leaving my questions in the previous thread hanging. Your words and your actions are not matching–which is becoming a pattern.

    Up until that point, I had not used language that connoted my larger personal opinion of your intellect or occupational skills. In fact, I tried to be more delicate (“avoid calling you out”) in my language because “I know that people know your real name and occupation.” My point was that your posts could affect your real life.

    That’s really funny. Thousands of people read what I write every day, but it would be your assessment of my writing that would affect their judgment of who I am? How delusional are you?

    Bye AJ, nice knowing ya. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  • Jeff Harris

    Zing of the Day for The_Korean – it simply must be awarded thus.

  • yangachibastardo

    He also thinks the SOFA needs to be revised to instill a sense of fear in GIs.

    As we pretty much established this won’t happen, there’s only one way to achieve this goal: doing exactly what the Korean police did.

    A more trigger-happy police force would definitely help, now i’m not a game theorist (i slept through most of those classes) but let’s say Korean cops start shooting a few Gi’s for their infractions, what is gonna happen ? Not much, Americans won’t break the alliance over a few bullets in the body of some of their dumbest specimens.

    This on the other hand would boost enormously the ego of the local plebs and a frustrated police force.

    Just relax the rules of engagement of Seoul police, allowing more brute force.

    It may help rebalancing a problematic situation

  • yangachibastardo

    When a member of your tribe is on the receiving end of a bullet, you may feel inclined to do so

  • cm

    Good explanation.

  • wangkon936


    I have a question for you my deal Italian bastard.

    How in bloody hell did a people who gave the world the Roman Empire, art, law and literature also give the world (and the European Union) this horrible steaming pile of sheit?

    What the eff happened to you people? How did it all go down hill after Marcus Aurelius (and also the Medici family, but that’s debatable)?

  • wangkon936

    Yeah, but if a member of my tribe does something really stooopid, then I feel like abandoning him. I would consider these GI’s a something of a member of my tribe.

  • yangachibastardo

    also give the world (and the European Union) this horrible steaming pile of sheit?

    That’s exactly the point my dear friend, we’re yelling at the world we won’t go down alone. Prepare for a 3 trillion euros A-bomb unleashed on the world

    We are the NK of the world economy and NO, Draghi chit-chatting won’t make us go away

  • wangkon936

    So, if you can’t control the world like in Roman times, burn it?… hahahaha…

    Why can’t you guys be good little boys and girls like Korea and take your medicine like they did in 1997?

  • cm

    It’s defensive mechanism kicking in on what is perceived as attacks against the entire group, not necessary because they want to protect the bad member of the tribe.

  • cm

    correction: ‘not necessarily’.

  • yangachibastardo

    MMHHH good question…i’ll try to answer

    1) The world was booming in 1997, we see no hope now

    2) Korea and her jaebols, with all their problems, were on the verge of a major technological upgrade, we have no pipeline of shit the world might want to buy from us. The high foreign debt of Korea was not entirely wasted, we sent HiImalayas of money down the drain

    3) We’re self-destructive people

    4) we’re also kinda malignant and mean-spirited, look at our history of petty but bloody feuds, civil wars, scheming etc. there’s some schadenfreude in taking all our neighbours down with us

    5) Europe in general, even Western Europe, is more Balkanic than people assume. We are openly despised by other Europeans, we’re happy to return the favour. This hardly leads to a constructive and cooperative climate

  • cm

    Reading all the Korea related blogs, it’s as if this is a big huge front page news in Korea or something, reported 24 hours by all the networks and millions of Koreans raining down condemnations on Americans. It’s year 2002 all over again with the two girls and US military tank! But you know, I’m going through some major Korean papers and I get the feeling that there’s some annoyances on the SOFA issue (which is nothing new), it’s just another news day in Korea. In other words there are no big anti-US movement to kick out the Yankees. Another thing, yes the Korean media deserves their fair amount of criticism, but the bloggers in Korea can also fall into the same trap as the Korean media. For those people who can’t read or understand Korean, they can get the wrong ideals just by getting all their information from reading the blogs.

  • yangachibastardo

    in 2002 the world, and Korea, were enormously different

  • wangkon936

    Hummm…. isn’t that what you and I get accused of all the time?

  • wangkon936

    Don’t worry. China will save you. They will buy up all your overpriced cars, suits, shoes and purses! Just…. learn to like chicken feet and fermented tofu!

  • yangachibastardo

    Well i have jackshit to do and my son threatened to call child protection services if i blast another Teen Top song so i feel like doing some scenario forecast à-la-Baduk.

    Currenty our GDP is around 1500 bln. euros. Our total debt-to-GDP ratio (including public and private) is around 350%. That’s well north of 5 trn. euros. It’s impossible to know how much of that pile of steaming, radioactive crap is in foreign hands. Currently though it is assumed around 600 bln euros of our public debt alone is still hold by foreign institutions. That’s around 30% of our 2 trn. public debt total.

    Let’s say we default overnight, led by a Government of dysfunctionally, clinically insane people…what would happen ?

    1) Let’s start with the A-Bomb: our biggest foreign creditor is the French banking sector. Something like this would make French banks, already in a precarious situation, and possibly the French sovereign, an economy 1/16 of a notch above PIIGS status, technically bankrupt.

    At this point it’s over for the European, and possibly the whole financial system. Mind you: a lot of PIIGS exposure was reduced not by outright sales of cash positions but through derivatives hedging…mostly with American banks as counterparties, but i digress. Wiping out the equity of the whole French banking sector would pretty much raze to the ground every major financial player in the world: the Swiss central bank, American investment banks, British insurance conglomerates, any global fixed income portfolio etc. etc. The exposure to France is enormous, as it was also perceived in the last few years as a safer alternative to the PIIGS…and France is still enormously exposed to us

    2) Slightly smaller a-bomb: the ECB would be technically bust. They have currently a 130+ bln exposure to our public debt and a 230+ bln. exposure to our banks through the LTRO, way more than their equity

    3) Another slightly smaller a-bomb: our default very likely would spell an immediate default of the other PIIGS, making the ECB even more bust and providing additional chaos in the financial infrastructure of the world. Plus the Bundesbank pretty much funded the current account deficit and the capital flight suffered by Spain, Portugal and Greece in the last few years to the tune of almost 1 trn. euros (see target 2 exposure). Such crisis would render the Bundesbank technically bust too, causing an unprecedented institutional crisis in Germany

    Now the smaller problems:

    4) Our sovereign default would kaputt our banks immediately, needless to say they have shit boats of interconnections with the global system, particularly our biggest bank Unicredit owns the biggest financial institution in Austria, which is in turn the holding for enormous banking interests in Eastern Europe. This area, already in a perilous situation, would see an immediate capital flight that would run Austria over (like they risked in 2009), opening the dam for another flood in the financial fabric of the Germanic core

    5) We have quite a few interconnected companies too, with their own corporate bonds, bank loans and letters of credit. For instance our (quite big) oil group, ENI import boats of gas from Gazprom, the insolvency of our own economy and the subsequent disaster across Europe would spell trouble even for Russia

    6) We’re still a decent manufacturer, albeit an uncompetitive one: we occupy position # 2 in Europe behind Germany, globally we are in the world top 10 for both imports and exports. A situation of complete chaos would disrupt the global supply chain to the point of making the tsunami of 2011 a mosquito bite

    7) We have open borders in Europe: there would very likely be mass migration, possibly stressing Austria and Switzerland to the point of breakdown

    Comparing to all this the flight out of emerging assets, the unknown reaction of China, the dollar skyrocketing through new historical highs due to the last man standing safe haven status of the US seem like minor side effects

    Those tai tai better scoop up lots of our overpriced junk

  • wangkon936

    Looks like Italy is opting for the “We don’t have a debt problem, the rest of the EU does!”

    The arsonist known as Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, otherwise known as Nero, would approve.

  • jk641

    Hi yangachi,

    Any ideas on when all this might come to pass?

    The Dow hit a new high today.
    I have some money invested in stocks, and it would be nice if the world financial system remains stable for a couple of years until I can recover my losses.

    How much time do we have left, do you think?
    How is Italy dealing with austerity?

  • yangachibastardo


    I honestly don’t know how much time there’s left before another euro blow-up and i doubt anybody know for sure. The crisis seems to be following the same pattern: small scale crisis => authorities denial => crisis get big => panic/chaos/inconclusive responses => crisis becomes existential => ECB steps in => calm ensues => complacency => repeat

    Now we had major disasters in 2011 and 2012 followed by a huge FED QE fuck fest and Draghi grinding his teeth, so this year might be as good as it gets.

    In normal times i’d rotate out of equities under these circumstances but with the printing madness going on and negative real interest rates, there’s not much choice. Fixed income is basically just close to bubble territory while equities are just a bit overvalued, if we have to believe earnings reports. NOt much choice there really

    I don’t know what sector/type of company/markets/funds you have exposure to but i’m a strong believer in the US energy sector, inculding nat gas that went through a massive restructuring while exports to Europe could start as early as 2015.

    I think an index return in the high single digit is a reasonable target.

    If i were you, i’d consider hedging your stock portfolio with a long dollar exposure: there’s a growing strenght of the greenback, particularly remarkable considering this risk-on phase. A shrinking trade deficit and a higher systemic savings rate are a game changer for the dollar, while the carry is not so disastrous anymore. Plus if the markets go south dollar is gonna appreciate a lot.

    The situation here is horrible, this country has always been fairly pro-Europe, well the tide changed entirely, now there’s a growing hostiity toward anything European, to the point Eastern European immigrants are getting attacked more and more often cos they look German and are perceived as German puppets.

    If everything deteriorates significantly, it might good though: i doubt the apocalypse i described above would materialise, if push had to come to that shove, the ECB would go into hyper-printing mode. Saving our economy is expensive, probably it would take a bit more than 1 trn, but utter chaos is even pricier.

    If you see another chapter in the Euro drama involving Italy, just consider it a correction and a good chance to add some bargains to your portfolio: if they bail us out you’re gonna make out like a bandit, if they let us default, your 401k/IRA is probably gonna be the least of your problems

  • yangachibastardo

    He was unjustly maligned by the usual biased media, he wasn’t such a bad ruler and definitely he was a gifted urban planner :)

  • jk641

    Wow, thanks for the long response.

    I don’t really like stocks either.
    But interest rates are so low that keeping money in the bank seems like a waste.
    I’m just trying to recover my losses and then probably will play it conservatively.

    I try to keep a diversified portfolio of US stocks, I’m trying to avoid foreign exposure.
    These days I’m trying out smaller stocks from the Russell indices which (I think) have good growth potential.
    I should probably buy some nat gas stocks like you said.

    BTW, what do you think about gold?
    If the dollar keeps strengthening, that will be bad for gold, no?

    Sorry to hear about the situation in your country.
    But I agree that in the short term the central banks will do whatever they have to do to keep the system afloat.
    Some say all this money printing will cause hyper-inflation in the future, but who knows.

    I think there may be another correction this spring/summer. Should probably lighten my portfolio before then..

    I wish I had made my money in the heydays of 80s and 90s.

  • Jay

    If these 3 idiots did this in any states in US, they would have been shot to death by now by any US cops. They are lucky that the Korean cops are afraid of shooting at idiot criminals.
    It would have been justifiable to shoot and kill the idiots where cops had the probable cause that the perpetrators were carrying weapon.

  • Steven Choi

    I agree with Jay, what if this happened in US with a foreign troops, they would have been lynched or killed on the spot and they would have laughed about it.
    Let’s respect the country that we are invited to you fucking idiots!!!!
    No one likes the Americans anymore because of idiots like these 3 GI’s stealing credit cards and then shooting up in town w/a BB guns then running over cops who wants to questions them for being a dumb GI’s.. Well most of the GI’s are fucking stupid, even in US we don’t care for GI’s that lives close to our homes.