Pickup artists teach men “game” in Seoul… for 1 million won a lesson. I remember learning about the blog of one of pickup artist in one of John Derbyshire’s podcasts.

– Apparently, foreigners and locals alike don’t like all the plastic surgery ads in subway stations. I suppose it’s not very classy, but shit, at least somebody can afford to advertise.

– Japanese pachinko parlors are apparently targeting the Korean tourist crowd now (HT to Oranckay).

– Oh Christ, first Park Shi-hoo, now Park Jun? In case you’re keeping score at home, the Dong-A Ilbo reported today that there are 63 sex crimes a day in Korea, or 2.6 an hour.

PirateBay has to be joking, right? (HT to Alex B).

– So, would Jeong H. Kim have survived the confirmation process even if he hadn’t resigned as science minister-designate?