I don’t normally watch TED talks – too much bushy-tailed hipster coolness brings out the Eeyore rashes in me – but the Korean press drew my attention to 이진하 Jinha Lee, a South Korean inventor/researcher and one of 21 TED fellows (2013).

According to the BBC report under the heading “3D See Through Computer Revealed”, he is working on SpaceTop 3D desktop in collaboration with Microsoft – pretty nifty technology which basically lets you interact with virtual physicality (that’s my own understanding in 3 words – I realize it sounds like a Jamiroquai song). If you want to know what it is exactly watch the clip on the BBC website.

Mr Lee, a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is currently serving his military obligation in South Korea at Samsung Electronics, where he is working on TV interfaces.

I love hardware innovation and value it higher than round-edge design crap, and this is how I defend Samsung/Hyundai (e.g. vs Apple). I still think that the reason Germany is the last one standing in Europe is that it BUILDS stuff, cars, consumer electronics, rather than rely on fluffy foam of service/financial industry/soft power/sense of humour.

I went and looked up the list of TED fellows, found another Korean name, Christine Sun Kim, whose biography on the TED site says

Sound artist + composer
Korean-American artist and educator who uses the medium of sound through technology to investigate and rationalize her relationship with sound and spoken languages

So being a nosey git, looked her up and here’s a youtube clip of what she does. She reminds me a little of Evelyn Glennie, a famous percussionist.

When one first comes across art/performance by physically impaired people, it is hard to separate the normal gut reaction of sympathy/empathy giving a positive shading of what they want to express, but when it does happen, what remains is their art judged in the stark light of objectivity, which is why Beethoven remains close to many people’s hearts today. Still, it never fails to impress me what people can get funding to do.