Michelle Wie gives up Korean citizenship

Michelle Wie—you remember, the only thing about her that’s American is her passport—has abandoned her Korean citizenship.

Given her performance on the LPGA tour, I’m surprised whatever the Home Ministry is calling itself nowadays didn’t strip her citizenship out of shame.

Meanwhile, the golfer Michelle Wie was supposed to be is apparently a 15-year-old Korean immigrant to Kiwiland.

  • wangkon936

    Nike (stupidly) gave her $9 million. She’s got a Stanford degree. She’s set for life. Yes, it is disappointing that she couldn’t live up to her potential, but I think her heart just isn’t in it. She’s just not manic about golf like Tiger Woods. I think you have to be at least a little anal retentive to be really good at something. She doesn’t strike me as an anal retentive type of person. She would rather bake, paint her nails, make her own fashion accessories, and other stuff kids in their early 20’s like to do.

    Don’t believe me? Here’s her blog: http://ablackflamingo.blogspot.com/

    Yes, she blogs.

  • wangkon936

    Also, Korean parents are often out of touch with what their Korean American kids want. What BJ said about his daughter doesn’t surprise me in the least bit.

    Michelle is proud to be an American:


  • Yu Bum Suk

    I didn’t dislike her for (supposedly) wanting to be Korean, but after reading all that patriotic bullshit I dislike her for being an American now.

  • dww

    I was standing next to her at Incheon airport a couple years ago. I’m pretty sure she was checking me out. Or marveling at the size of my impressive beer belly. Can’t be sure.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    I understand. You didn’t dislike her for her dad’s shameless attempt to seize marketing money from the Korean sheeple, but you dislike someone for expressing genuine love for her country. The cynical realist in me hates that in people, too.

  • Avaast

    As you say, she seems to be a normal person with regular interests – how nice to see!

  • weiguk

    With the dual citizenship laws, why would she? Since there are no military service issues with women, the dual citizenship laws pretty much grant it to anyone over 18 with the right bits.

  • Cloudfive

    The font she uses on her blog is atrocious. The last two comments by the same person point out that her star is fading and quotes her father, citing Marmot’s Hole. It couldn’t possibly be a bitter ex-pat stalking a young woman’s blog to ridicule her just because she’s Korean. No one is that juvenile right?

  • Cloudfive


  • japundit
  • CG

    It only applies to people born with both nationalities after May 5, 1988. Don’t know what her birthday is.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    1989 (October 11). I read her Wikipedia page a few days ago. I thought that her decision might have been forced by a “21 years old” rule, but she’s already 23.