According to research by Ko Jin-hee at Donga University in Busan, more than half of Korean nurses surveyed say they have been sexually harassed or assaulted.

The Korea Times article reports that of the 347 participants in the study, 55.3 percent reported that they were sexually assaulted within their first two years.

The most popular mode of the degenerates, according to the KT:

Specifics varied: some assailants tried to lure the nurses to blind spots; some acted like they wanted sexual services; some tried to have sexual intercourse.

The numbers jump for nurses in the five to ten year bracket with a whopping 70 percent saying they have been harassed and 68 percent of those who have worked more than ten years reporting abuse.

According to Ko’s findings, 51 percent said that the incidents take place at after work gatherings and 38 percent during work hours.

Doctors were the most frequent assailants followed by patients, patient’s guardians and hospital workers.

11 percent of those surveyed pretended to go along with it “out of hopelessness” or, as the KT put it, “fear of mess up the mood.”