The JoongAng Ilbo talked with some youngish foreigners working for Seoul as part of an internship program about what they liked and disliked about our fair city.

Almost all of them liked the subway system, although some took issue with certain aspects of said subway. A young Iranian woman said the Seoul subway system frightened her. She said she was often shocked by the sudden appearance of missionaries telling her to believe a certain religion or garden-variety nutjobs making a scene. According to the JoongAng, most of the foreigners found the subway missionaries objectionable.

They also found public order on the subways lacking. Oh, and some apparently didn’t like that there were so many plastic surgery ads in the subway stations.

Suprisingly (to the JoongAng), many of the foreign interns weren’t especially impressed with Gangnam, which they found to be ostentatious and lacking in any distinguishing charm besides the high prices. A Japanese intern from Tokyo said she was surprised by the gap between Dongdaemun and Gangnam, which she felt revealed the gap in living standards in Korean society.

The interns were impressed by the long work hours kept by Koreans, though.

Marmot’s Note: Yeah, the missionaries can be annoying, although I’ll take annoying missionaries over religious compulsion as a matter of public policy any day.