Frankly, I’m surprised the support isn’t even higher:

Two-thirds of South Koreans believe South Korea should develop its own nuclear weapons in response to the North Korean nuclear threat.

In a poll of 1,006 adults nationwide released by Gallup Korea on Wednesday, 64 percent of respondents supported nuclear weapons for South Korea, compared to 28 percent who opposed it.

You know who doesn’t think South Korea should develop its own nukes? US Ambassador Sung Kim:

U.S. Ambassador in Seoul Sung Kim on Wednesday argued against South Korea’s nuclear armament and the re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons with the U.S. Forces Korea. They would be “a big mistake” for South Korea, he said.

Kim was speaking at a seminar hosted by the Korea Employer’s Federation. He warned against any measures that work against common efforts for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula but also stressed the importance of a powerful combined deterrent.

Well, as my pappy always liked to say, there’s nothing more important than maintaining the fiction of non-proliferation in a world where North Korea has the bomb and soon Iran will, too. Gotta make sure the South Koreas and Taiwans of the world never get their fingers on the button.