A study from the Korea Institute of Criminology revealed that Mongolians, Americans, Canadians and Russians had the highest rates of criminality of Korea’s foreign community, the Herald Gyeongje reports

In fact—and jot this down, because it’ll be on the test—not only did Mongolians, Americans, Canadians and Russians have higher rates of criminality than your average foreigner, but their rates of criminality were higher than that of Koreans.

According to the study, entitled “Research into Crime and Public Safety in Areas with a High Concentration of Foreigners,” the Mongolian community had 7,064 criminals per 100,000 Mongolians in 2011, followed by the American community (6,756 per 100,000), Canadians (4,124 per 100,000) and Russians (3,785 per 100,000). These rates were higher than both the general foreigner rate of criminality of 2,763 per 100,000 and the Korean rate of criminality of 3,692 per 100,000.

This is why I never invite people to our home—between my wife and me, it’s virtually Detroit in there.

Interestingly, criminals of European descent (i.e., honkies) had higher rates of physical crimes like assaults, while criminals of Asian descent had higher rates of “smart crimes” like fraud. According to the Herald Gyeongje, this ran counter to the commonly held belief that crimes by Asian criminals were more brutal and dangerous.

It does, however, support the commonly held belief that Asians are better at math. OK, I added that last part. You’ve got to give me some comedic leeway here.

Anyway, Chinese—including Joseon-jok—had a criminality rate of just 2,921 per 100,000. Thais and Pakistanis had higher rates of criminality than the foreigner average, while Vietnamese, Filipinos and Indonesians had lower rates of criminality than the foreigner average.

By crime type, Americans were the most prone to violent crime (33.4%), followed by the Canadians (33.4%), Mongolians (27.3%—nice to see them breaking the Asian stereotype) and Russians (23.4%). Meanwhile, for “smart crimes” like fraud, the Taiwanese led the way with 45.5%, followed by the Bengalis (33.1%) and Chinese (30.3%).

The ratio of rapes to other crimes was highest for Pakistanis (3%), followed by Uzbeks (2.6%), Benalis (2.1%) and Americans (1.3%).

Marmot’s Note: No, I have no idea how they did their study. Ask Choi Yeong-sik at the KIC.

UPDATE: I find the graph of arrests per 100,000 interesting, too:


The graph certainly begs the question, “Why have the Americans become so knavish since 2009?” Note that according to the graph, USFK members and their dependents are included in the American total.