Six American servicemen, including a 20-year-old identified as Mr. A, are being investigated for allegedly sexually harassing a 20-year-old Korean woman on Seoul Subway Line 1.

The incident reportedly took place on the Incheon-bound train from Dongducheon on Saturday evening.

During the police investigation, the victim—indentified as a Ms. B—said the servicemen were playing music loudly and dancing in the subway. She told them to be quiet, and that’s when she was attacked. She told police the GIs, who were drunk, started photographing her face, and when she protested, they started groping her. For several minutes.

B called the cops, and three of the GIs were arrested at Mangwolsa Station and turned over to American MPs. Police are looking for the other three, who fled the scene.

In a statement, 2ID said the division is taking the charges of inappropriate conduct very seriously, and that they will cooperate so that the appropriate measures are taken in accordance with the investigation results.

UPDATE: I can’t video footage of the crime itself, but here’s some of the arrest, plus some stellar graphic design work by the Dong-A’s TV channel to fill in the blanks.

I knew there was a reason we gave them cable channels.

Ye Olde Chosun has an even more detailed account.