As if Sejong City residents—suffering from a lacks of schools, transportation and even restaurants—didn’t have enough to deal with, a new scourge now torments the good people of that Chungcheongnam-do town.

Foreign criminals now run rampant!

Local paper Chungcheong Today reports that “Sejong City, the administrative heart of the Republic of Korea, is groaning due to foreigner crime.”

With the sudden influx of foreign laborers to Sejong to work construction, foreigner crime is reaching a dangerous level.

Foreigners are committing an increasing variety of crimes, but they don’t have enough cops down there who specialize in foreigner crime, so not only is prevention failing, but so are post-crime investigations. Back in the old days, Yeongi County was a town free of foreigner crime, but now foreigner crime has become commonplace. And it’s growing.

According to Sejong City’s finest, 50 foreigners have committed crimes over the last two years. Some 26 foreigners committed crimes last year, an 8% increase over the year before. Police explain that there’s been a steady increase in foreigner crime since the sudden increase in the hiring of foreign laborers at construction and industrial sites.

Many of the crimes involve group assaults, leading to concern that we might be looking at the beginning of organized crime. Despite the frequent crimes committed by foreigners, police have insufficient strength to deal with multinational crime. This might allow Sejong City to become a blind spot of foreigner crime.

Officially, 2,610 foreigners live in the Sejong City area, although police believe the number to closer to 4,000 when you include illegals.

Despite this, Sejong police don’t even have a foreign affairs desk yet. They’ve got just one guy from the security desk handling the foreigners. And this is the reason the civil servants at the new government complex who were forced to move down there are feeling increasingly insecure.

With the place going to shit, Sejong cops have recently declared a war on foreign crime, with police visiting foreigner residents at construction sites to held discussions with construction workers about crime prevention.

They’re also printing materials on foreigner crime, but this may not be enough with the number of foreigners expecting to increase continuously.

A Sejong police official said they believe foreigner crimes will continue to increase, and police have recently classified foreigner crime as their most serious issue. Accordingly, they are developing a number of programs to prevent crime, but they’re running into difficulty.

The official added they’ve got just one guy handling foreigner control duties, deportations and investigations, meaning they’ve got a weakness in preventing and handling foreigner crimes.


In Gimhae, civil groups are protesting the KNP’s stepped-up inspections and searches in 36 areas with large foreigner populations, claiming the police move treated migrants as criminals and amounted to racial discrimination. The groups said they believed the move to be aimed at “unregistered migrants” and said that forced deportations of “migrants” who have committed no crimes simply because of their “unregistered status” was a violation of human rights.