PSY’s Gangnam Style burned up the charts, was the hottest thing on the planet, was on fire!

In line with that metaphorical mop-up, or maybe because they figure the name has got traction, a group of Korean-Canadians are launching Gangnam Cigarettes in Ontario next month.


From the Korea Times:

“We had initially planned to name one of our new products “daebak,” a Korean word for jackpot. But in order to capitalize on the global popularity of Gangnam Style we decided to name the cigarette after the song,” CT&G CEO Kang Chul-joong told Yonhap News. “We really hope our Gangnam cigarettes will be as successful as Psy’s song and let more foreigners know about Korea.’’

And get cancer.

There is also an interesting side story about the group, a collection of thirty-eight convenience store owners, launching the cigarette brand because of what they claim is unfair pricing, marginalization of small business and difficulties importing Korean cigarettes due to protectionist policies.

Must feel just like home over there.

Another thing: Can’t the KT just say PSY is a “35-year-old rapper” and not “a 35-year-old chubby rapper?” Geez.