Kim Jee-woon to direct live-action version of Jin-Roh

Director Kim Jee-woon, who recently marked his Hollywood debut with the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle “The Last Stand,” says his next project will likely be a live-action remake of the Japanese anime Jin-Roh, only this time set in Korea.

All I can say is that this stands a very good chance of being fucking awesome.

You can see some of the original Japanese anime at Dailymotion.

  • Jang

    Cloud Atlas was a flop. The Last Stand recently opened at 6 million and now sits at 10.5 million so they’ll need about 20 more million to break even. I can see both Japanese and Korean people both boycotting this probable movie with the way things are going between the two countries.

  • bumfromkorea

    I’m seriously considering going to see that movie, despite the fact that it has Johnny Knoxville in it. That’s how much I love Kim Jiwoon’s works (I’ll probably netflix it… Maybe.). I mean, I loved every movie he has made from Tale of Two Sisters all the way up to his segment in ‘A Report on the Extinction of Humans’. I would love to see him make his way in Hollywood, but I would love it even more if he gets to do what he wants to do without interference.

  • Wedge1

    “The Last Stand” was one of those multiple personality flicks which couldn’t decide if it was serious action or a comedy, and sported more plot holes than Swiss cheese. It was on the base last weekend. I did like the creative geography of southwest Arizona, though, which reminded me of that large canyon in Iowa in the recent “Star Trek” flick.