Speaking of North Korea, women and the JoongAng Ilbo, the JoongAng reports that police have determined that the female NIS agent accused by the Democratic Party of engaging in illicit electioneering is actually involved in finding pro-North Korean activity on the Internet.

Police said the agent—identified by her last name of Kim—said she used her 11 IDs to monitor the website “Today’s Humor,” which had earned the NIS’s particular attention for its many pro-North Korean posts. Or so the report says. She said her main job was to track pro-North Korean posts, while her 90 or so “like” or “dislike” clicks were because posts either sucked or because they had to do with matters of personal interest, like entertainment and cooking. Her lawyer said about 1,000 posts related to Moon Jae-in got posted a day during the election period; of these, she would vote on about one a day. A violation of the election law this was not, he said.

According to the materials Kim submitted to police, there was some serious attempts by pro-North Korean types to drive opinion on the site in an organized way. I have no desire to translate the details.