In what the KT bills as the first part of a series highlighting Park Geun-hye’s options on dealing with the US, Jane Han has a lengthy interview with Daegu University Japanese studies professor Choi Jang-geun. He feels winning over the Americans on Dokdo should be priority one due to the “underlying probability” that the U.S. will side with Japan because the American imperialist past prevents them from understanding Korea’s position.

Korea and the U.S. have a different perception of territory. Unlike Korea, the U.S. does not have a perception of inherent territory,’’ explained Choi. “As we all know, today’s U.S. was once a land that was owned and occupied by Native Americans. The land was taken through a process of imperialist territorial invasion.”

Yah, I can see the incoming President Park floating that diplomatic language out there on her first visit to Washington. Might as well lecture Obama on the injustice of slavery as well.

Choi has a couple other notable quotes you can read on your own.