It’s come to my attention that the United Kingdom apparently has laws against football fans shouting racial abuse at players:

British media on Tuesday said the West London Magistrates’ Court found Everton fan William Blything guilty of racially abusing Park and Everton’s Victor Anichebe.

He reportedly shouted, “Take down that chink” referring to Park. Chink is a derogatory term for Chinese people.

Being an ignorant American, I’d thought that sort of abuse was part of the charm of Premier League football.

Anyway, in defense of William Blything, I will note:

a) he’s equal-opportunity in his abuse, having also referred to Nigerian-born Anichebe as a “f****** black monkey”;

b) he denies even being racist (or even saying what was attributed to him):

However, he remained defiant after the verdict and said he is not racist and that his daughter has a ‘coloured boyfriend.’