Wait, I thought racial taunts were part of the sport?

It’s come to my attention that the United Kingdom apparently has laws against football fans shouting racial abuse at players:

British media on Tuesday said the West London Magistrates’ Court found Everton fan William Blything guilty of racially abusing Park and Everton’s Victor Anichebe.

He reportedly shouted, “Take down that chink” referring to Park. Chink is a derogatory term for Chinese people.

Being an ignorant American, I’d thought that sort of abuse was part of the charm of Premier League football.

Anyway, in defense of William Blything, I will note:

a) he’s equal-opportunity in his abuse, having also referred to Nigerian-born Anichebe as a “f****** black monkey”;

b) he denies even being racist (or even saying what was attributed to him):

However, he remained defiant after the verdict and said he is not racist and that his daughter has a ‘coloured boyfriend.’


  • IEatYourSandwich

    But it’s ok. Racism is considered accepted by lots of people in western world. But it’s definitely big no-no in Asia

  • One for all

    There is banter….some harmless, some intended to harm, mostly intended to insult/embarrass/outwit your ‘rivals’ across the stadium. 

    Shouting/singing racist obscenities is not banter, and is no longer classed as such by most football-going fans in the UK (before the mid-90s, this was the complete opposite! Non-white/British players REALLY had to have thick skin if they were to stand any chance of enduring the idiots in the seats and terraces).

    William Blything has been publicly named and shamed as a racist and I fully commend the press/authorities for doing so. His successful charge and conviction would not have been possible without multiple witnesses that gave evidence regarding his despicable actions at the match.

    End of story

  • Bob Bobbs

    Just in case you’ve actually drunk the Kool Aid and aren’t kidding, where did I learn the words kojaengi, jankae, weinom and shikamdoongi? In which country did I get called a fat pig and a hairy monkey by, respectively, my students and people on the street? England? No. Admittedly, there was a Nazi rally broken up by the same people that want Sharia4UK while I was there, but it was in a country a little further East.

  • Scott N

    hoping that’s sarcasm

  • Cloudfive

    Admittedly, there was a Nazi rally broken up by the same people that
    want Sharia4UK while I was there, but it was in a country a little further East.

    This last sentence is confusing. There are a lot of countries east of England. Which one had a Nazi rally broken up by Sharia4UK? Are you still teaching economics to four-year-olds?

  • ChuckRamone

    But that’s what’s great about the West. It’s ahead of many Old World countries in terms of equality and social etiquette. I think that’s something to be proud of. People shouldn’t say, well, they get to do it, why can’t I?

  • keyinjpop

    That’s bull.

  • Bob Bobbs

    It’s not that confusing, particularly because I refer to the UK in it. The ‘there’ refers to England and I was talking about EDL rallies being confronted by the Muslim Defence League or whatever they are called in, dunno, Bolton, Leeds, Leicester, Luton etc. No, I am no longer teaching economics to four-year olds. Those four year olds are now being beaten by their teachers in Korean high schools and learning about how Africans have bones through their noses and white people all look like cartoon Jews from Der Sturmer.