Police in—sit down for this—Gangnam have busted a 27-year-old woman woman for being a really, really high-end call girl. They’re looking for her employer and some other folk involved.

The woman in question was advertised as a step above your average prostitute as a graduate of a prestigious Seoul university and being with a entertainment management company. When she turned up at the police station for questioning, she had a luxury bag and drove to the station in a Mercedes Benz C300.

Tall, thin and surgically well-sculpted, she was charging 800,000 won for her services—three to four times the normal rate.

Moreover, the company she worked for only provided her services at one of seven luxury hotels in Gangnam.

Police, however, say that while they talked a lot about “class,” it was ultimately just a shabby ruse to avoid detection and save money.By reserving rooms one week in advance, they could save cash and provide service to multiple customers a day. And by regularly changing hotels, they could lessen the risk of detention.

Police are now looking for the head of the service, some 42-year-old dude who drew up fake profiles for his 23 employees and posted them on the Net along with racy photos. On the company’s website, young men also posted reviews, which strikes me as a bad idea. Police are looking for the johns, too.

A police official said that while the girls tried to market themselves as something else, they were no different from other prostitutes who commercialized their bodies and made easy money. In fact, it was all just a rip-off, he said.

That, folks, might have been the most bewildering police comment about a prostitution case I’ve read.

He also regretted the reality in which young, college-educated women end up selling themselves because they get hooked on luxury goods and plastic surgery.

Well, I can assure you they don’t feel nearly as bad as this guy.