Vertical integration is a wonderful thing:

Police said Sunday they had uncovered a suspected brothel operating in a nine-story building, and fronted by a hostess bar and hotel, in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul.
Police suspect almost every floor of the building was used as a brothel. Jung ran at least three floors, including one in the basement, as a hostess bar where the women served liquor to male customers and performed oral sex, according to investigators.

They added a large number of the customers were escorted to hotel rooms between the sixth and ninth floors, paying 330,000 won ($310) for sex with the hostesses.

Also on the War on Prostitution front, one of Gyeongsangnam-do’s most respected provincial assemblymen has resigned after he was busted at Changwon “ear cleaning parlor,” which often are fronts for prostitution. He claims the slogan “Ear Cleaning, Ear Massage” made him curious. The lawmaker in question had long been a critic of major projects in the region.