There  is an article over on Live Journal that seems to have got some people riled up.  The article’s title is kind of cute “Joseon Girls Gone Wild” and was written a couple of years ago.   However, it is just recently that it has gained some attention – probably not so much for its historical content but for the way the writer conveys it and his apparent dislike for Korea.

He wrote:

Could this reformatory and revisionist reaction to Westerners evaluating gaze be the reason Korea skipped straight from this innocent primitivity to the repressiveness of today? At least I hear that Koreans are repressed. I do know they’re somewhat backward.

Anyway, when I first heard about this, I envisioned nubile young beauties with their perky little breasts peeking out from under their jeogori. Now I weep, because that fantasy is dead. Wasn’t there even onehot babe to photograph..?

I would suggest you go to the article and read it.  It is relatively short and does have several “nice” photographs from the past.  I am sure that some of you readers will be able to give their own thoughts.

If you would like my view on early nudity you can read it in my book “Korea Through Western Eyes” or you can read this short piece “The Bare Facts” in the KT.

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