Foreign flight attendants learn service skills in Korea

The Dong-A Ilbo ran a story on how Asiana’s training center is now training the flight attendants of foreign airlines, too.

They’ve apparently trained flight attendants for a Chinese airline and two Russian airlines.

Foreign trainees learn the ins and outs of Korean flight attendantdom, including how to walk, how to act, how to do ones makeup and even how to wear their hair in a bun.

What I found interesting was that Yakutsk has its own airline, which was one of the two Russian airlines that have sent flight attendants to Asiana’s school (the other being Vladivostok Air).

Korean Air, meanwhile, has trained personnel for MIAT (which, as everyone knows, stands for Монголын Иргэний Агаарын Тээвэр), and airlines from Myanmar and Vietnam.

  • PortaJohn

    The key thing to teach them is to not yell at the Koreans when they start standing up before the plane comes to a  halt, and then push and shove their way off the aircraft.

  • PortaJohn

    …and if I sound bitter, it’s because I am. :)

  • Sad

    Good job replying to yourself.

  • hardyandtiny

    Korea fighting!

  • Anonymous Coward

    Air Canada needs to send their flight attendants to this school.