Oh, those wacky Japanese netizens…

It seems the Japanese Twitterverse is all aglow with rumors that Tsushima City Hall regularly flies both the Japanese AND Korean flags.

Tsushima City Hall has reportedly been getting emails and phone calls as a result. They’ve responded by saying that while they’ll occasionally fly the Korean flag for official visits by Korean delegations, they usually fly the Japanese flag only.

The rumor appears to be the work of right-wing Japanese netizens.

  • Robert Neff

    I remember in the late 1990s and early 2000s when I used to go to Tsushima that it was very common to see the Korean flag being flown right alongside of the Japanese flag- especially at the airport.  I always thought it was strange but then put it off to the unique cultures of Japan and Korea.

    Here is a piece I did on Tsushima a number of years ago.  


    I really enjoy Tsushima – it is truly a beautiful place but the last time I was there development had reared its ever-so-ugly head and I am afraid of having all my pleasant memories dispelled if I should go there again now.  Those of you in Busan – there is no excuse for you not going to visit the place….relatively near by and the ferry fare is pretty cheap.

  • pipokun

    why do you say that the flags together is unique to korea and japan?

  • stereo

    What had changed back then and now is that Korean politicians openly claim that Tsushima is Korean territory. That will destroy welcoming atmosphere in that island.

  • Robert Neff

    sorry pipokun – I was just being sarcastic….