In Joonang (English) a reporter goes to great lengths to explain her confusion as a dog owner encountering the new Korean legislation for pet identification system which has been brought into place in 2013.

I have very little sympathy for those who complain about the expense or the cumbersome nature of the procedures offered – 2만원 ? – I was a bit intrigued by the argument against the microchip due to potential health effects. I have a dog and he came microchipped as a puppy from the breeder. If one is to travel around Europe with a pet, as we do very often, having a microchip is mandatory (as well as a corresponding passport containing all the relevant vaccination information).

After having looked at the linked website, and watching the video which is mainly about the dangers of microchipping a human, I am still not convinced that there is really a danger which outweighs the benefit of having a microchip system in place. The electronic tags and the registration should be additional supplementary options as they are too easily removed. In Europe, registration tattoo was available prior to microchipping.

I don’t think the Korean government is being ham-fisted about this procedure, if anything they should really look into implementing the fines properly. The people who are reluctant to sign up will definitely be the ones less reluctant to throw the pets away, despite what they say.