Check out “Eric Schmidt and Bill Richardson’s First E-Mail from the Glorious Empire of North Korea!” in Vanity Fair. (HT to Liz)

Meanwhile, check out Donald Kirk’s take on Schmidt’s trip to North Korea at 3WM:

Once again the North Koreans are scoring a propaganda coup by exploiting the presence of a high-level American delegation. This time it’s Google Chairman Eric Schmidt traipsing off to Pyongyang in the hands of Bill Richardson, the former New Mexico governor, and Richardson’s long-time adviser, Tony Namkung.

Richardson has said the visit is “humanitarian,” but if there’s one thing it will not accomplish, it will not do a thing about the tens of thousands of North Koreans enduring the hell of one of the cruellest prison systems on earth. It’s very unlikely, in fact, that the topic of real “human rights” for North Koreans will come up at all in whatever Schmidt, Richardson, and Tony Namkung get going in Pyongyang. They wouldn’t think of anything so gauche as to raise a topic that they know very well will only annoy their North Korean hosts.